hidden sheets

  1. 3

    VBA Shape Color Fill

    So I'm writing some VBA code so that when certain things happen certain shapes change to different colors. Example 1 is a shape-changing color based on if a sheet is visable or not: If ThisWorkbook.Sheets("FlashForge").Visible = True Then ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Farm...
  2. spacecaptainsuperguy

    very hidden sheets add-in

    Hi everyone, I used to have an excel add-in that had a form that allowed me to select multiple sheets from within that spreadsheet and select whether to hide, unhide or make very hidden the selected sheets. I recently upgraded my machine and office and that old add-in no longer works. I've...
  3. W

    Reorder Hidden Sheets

    I have inherited a file with 200+ hidden sheets, linked and summarized on a "Summary" tab. Every so often I need to unhide 1 or 2 sheets to review, and then re-hide. My problem is, when I right click to un-hide the list is not in numerical order. Does anyone know how to reorder this list? Thanks...
  4. T

    Macro to Hide Sheets based on Tab Name

    I have several tabs/worksheets in my workbook with supporting data/lookups/values etc. I usually unhide all worksheets with a simple macro to update my report, then manually hide them before I send out to an audience. Is there functionality that will hide worksheets bases on the tab name...
  5. C

    Double-Click "Hyperlink" to Hidden Sheets

    Hey All, I've come here with a question about a code that I'm currently running to act as a method to "Hyperlink" to hidden sheets. I found the code on this forum, but it was back from 2011. The code works perfectly well until MERGED cells. Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() Dim sh As...
  6. M

    Hyperlinking & Identifying Hidden sheets in Excel

    Hi, I have the following problem with hidden worksheets I'd like to submit to some more experienced Excel users. I've created a ToC of all worksheets in my Excel file, sth. for which a solution can easily be found online. The resulting ToC displays in a dedicated sheet, as a column with the...
  7. H

    Referencing Data on Hidden Sheets

    Hello All, First time posting and I haven`t been able to find an answer to this on the internet so here it goes: Is it possible to have a cell reference data on a hidden worksheet? I have many reference sheets that I am hiding to clean up the workbook and I am finding it impossible to get the...
  8. 0

    Making Private sheets visible to macros

    Using the following two subs to make all worksheets apart from the index page hidden, and then to make hidden sheets visible to hyperlinks so that I can have an index page which links to hidden tabs, as the database I'm managing is over 100 worksheets. Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() Dim ws...
  9. G

    Hide all sheets but a selected one which is not the active sheet

    Hi all, IO have a workbook with many sheets, only some of which the end user interacts with. I have created a Landing Page which has buttons that a pushed to reveal the appropriate sheets based on the action the person wants to take with the workbook. In the case that someone selects the wrong...
  10. D

    Hyperlink to Hidden Sheets

    I have a dashboard style sheet with cells full of error counts. Each cell takes you to a different sheet. To clean it up, I hid all of the sheets except for the Dashboard. I would love to have it when you click the hyperlink, it unhides the hidden sheet and activates it. Also the sheet names...
  11. S

    Hyperlink to Hidden Tabs in Excel

    Hello, I cannot seem to get this to work when I've searched threads on this.. Basically, i have a table of contents that hyperlinks to over 200 sheets. So first sheet is called "Table of Contents" in B3 of 'Table of Contents' sheet, it says "Figure 1.1" and it hyperlinks to A1 of the 'Figure...
  12. G

    Macro to list all hidden sheets?

    I have an awesome macro that creates a list of ALL worksheets (both hidden and unhidden) within my workbook on a new tab called "Index" and each worksheet listed is hyperlinked to that tab (goes to cell A1). How do I modify this macro to list in column B on the Index tab next to each sheet name...

    how to view hidden sheets with Button Control

    Hi Guys. Trying to achieve a hidden sheets (No visible tabs) type scenario, but to allow visibility with a Button Control. So far, I have played with hiding the sheet by right clicking the tab and selecting 'Hide' I currently have a Comand button with the following Code: Private Sub...
  14. Q

    Hidden sheet is being used when i am using my custom auto renaming sheets button, how to ignore it

    Please help with the following issue that i have I have 1 visible sheet which is named ECOSHEET 1 , ECOSHEET 1 has two button in it . ( i will explain what those do ) I also have 1 hidden sheet that i named it ECOSHEET X those two buttons in the first sheet does the following button # 1 when...
  15. E

    Copying & Pasting in a Hidden Sheet

    Hi, I have the following code (which works fine when the sheet isn't hidden) FinalRow2 = TtlRev.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row TtlRev.Range("AM6:AO6").Copy TtlRev.Range(Cells(6, 39), Cells(FinalRow2, 41)).Select ActiveSheet.Paste However, I need to hide the sheet, but it doesn't work...
  16. S

    Sorting and Filtering Data in Hidden Worksheets

    I have a workbook that has several sheets of sensitive data. I have several reports and charts built off of these data that are run by VBA code. I want to hide the actual sensitive data sheets, but when I do that I get error codes when I try to run the filtering code. Is there a way around this...
  17. L

    Hyperlink links to validation list, but will not display sheets when hidden . . .

    Hi World, I am having a problem setting up a Hyperlink to hidden sheets. My workbook has numerous sheets that link into a master sheet. The master sheet contains a validation (drop down menu) that feeds into a hyperlink formula. If I were to click on a specific value within the validation...
  18. mchel_27

    Hyperlink to Hidden Worksheet

    I have a workbook that has many worksheets. The first worksheet contains several hyperlinks - each hyperlink refers to a different worksheet within the workbook. I am wondering if it is possible for me to hide the sheets that are being linked to, and still have the hyperlinks actively go to...

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