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    Ignore Hidden Sheet & AutoFill Fail Safe

    Hi all, I have managed to make a loop which looks through all tabs in all files (both tabs and files are unspecified). The code copies a set of data and pastes into a Data Dump file. There is a problem when there is only ONE entry in any tab due to the AutoFill section of the macro. Would...
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    Open Tab Using Inserted Buttons

    Hi, Wonder if someone can assist, a colleague of mine created a reporting suite where on a main tab we press a button to open a hidden tab and then when we click off it, it automatically closes it, its a great tool, but I need to add a new tab and a new button to open this. Unfortunately my...
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    VBA copying data to temp worksheet

    Hi, I'm new to VBA but I've found this macro on a previous thread that does exactly what I'm looking for, except that I need it to ignore hidden tabs in my workbook. The macro basically copies the content of my worksheets, creates a temps sheet, and the data gets pasted on it so users can...
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    Password Protect Worksheets/Tabs

    I have an Excel 2007 document with various worksheets/tabs, several of which I would like hidden and password protected. I do want to present 2 tabs to the user, but hide the rest. Is there a way to hide tabs and create a password to view (or un-hide) the tabs? <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
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    Creating a patch in vba

    I have previously created a patch (with help from this forum) that allows you to choose a spreadsheet to open and then change details in the spreadsheet, save the changes and then close the spreadsheet. I am trying to use a similar patch and I can't get it to work. I can get the spreadsheet...

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