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    [VBA] If "yes", shows cell content

    Hi everyone, I'm new in VBA and have looked into this for a week but couldn't find any solution T___T I have defined a name to range J38:Q38 with name "Claim" with drop down list option of 'Yes' and 'No'. I would like to make this condition: If "Claim" = 'Yes', cell AK38 shows its content...
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    Use Options (forms) to Specify Specific Data Validation List

    Hello, Wanted to know if there is a way to use Options (form) button that changes the type of Data Validation List that appears? Also if there is a way to use the same option button to hide or show certain cells based on the options chosen? Example: User chooses A or B using Option (Forms)...
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    Formula/ macro help needed.

    Hey there guys, New to the forum and I really need some help. Heres my problem Im attaching screen shots to better aid you. *IF D5>2 C7 AND D7 SHOULD BE HIDDEN. * F6 is a drop down list with FR4,Polyimide G6 is a drop down list based on F6 I.E IF F6 is FR4 G6 would have options...
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    Need to copy column results while hiding empty cells

    I have a column(for example: b1:b5000) that has cells that have info, and many other cells in that column that are empty. I have copied that column to another worksheet. On the new worksheet, I need to leave the order of the cells with info in the same order, but remove all of the empty cells...

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