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  1. U

    HELP VBA code for auto hiding a certain Column in every tab

    Hi masters, I would like to ask a help regarding vba code that can auto hide a certain column in each tab..for example Column C1 = I want to hide all that is under C1.. so basically i have a certain name in row1 that i want to auto hide in each tab
  2. T

    Recorded macro not working the way i thought?

    I am looking to some help to understand why i am having an issue with a recorded macro. I want to hide multiple columns and have recorded a macro as below. My problem becomes that when I run the macro, it hides all columns from R:AZ but there are specific column i want left un-hidden. Sub...
  3. L

    Hide Column if Range is Blank

    Hi, I am wanting to hide a column if there is no text in a range. My range is B4:AA27 and I want it to treat it on a column by column basis (B4:B27 and then C4:C27 etc). I have found a few variations online but nothing that I have got to work so far. Thanks!
  4. J

    Find Grand Total Row (Dynamic) and Hide Columns with "0" in Grand Total Row

    Hello, I am trying to come up with some code to find the row with "Grand Total" in column B and set that as LastRow. The grand total row will change (ex: move from row 20 to 30, when more data is added), so I need this to be dynamic which is where I'm kind of struggling. Then I want to search...
  5. S

    [VBA] If "yes", shows cell content

    Hi everyone, I'm new in VBA and have looked into this for a week but couldn't find any solution T___T I have defined a name to range J38:Q38 with name "Claim" with drop down list option of 'Yes' and 'No'. I would like to make this condition: If "Claim" = 'Yes', cell AK38 shows its content...
  6. W

    Checking for Dates in VBA

    I am trying to make a button that says: If Date identified on row Q10:CA10 is less than Date in cell C6, then hide column(s), otherwise don't hide. Some parameters: Dates on row Q10:CA10 The Date format is: mmm-yy;@ Formula on cell Q10 is =EOMONTH($C$4,-1) & Formula on cells...
  7. F

    Hiding columns outside a user specified range

    Morning all, I have a resourcing spreadsheet in which we want to be able to use buttons to display only the colums relating to the weeks of particular jobs. I currently have created some code which hides all columns except for the current quarter. I now need to make the project specific...
  8. N

    VBA works on MS Excel 2013 but not working on MAC Excel 2011

    Hello Mr.Excel, I wrote a hide rows VBA on Excel 2013 (see the code below), it is working fine. But when I opened in MAC Excel 2011 the button is not working (it become static buttons). I have the button as "form control" Private Sub OptionButton_NA_No_Click()...
  9. G

    VBA HIde/Unhide Columns Based on Value

    Good evening I'm trying to hide some columns based on an IF statement in row. I used a previous post (http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/606337-visual-basic-applications-hide-unhide-columns-based-value.html) and got the following formula to hide "0" : Sub Macro1() Dim i As Long...
  10. S

    VBA - Sub to combine four other subs

    Hello, I’m fairly new to VBA, and this forum has already proved to be a fantastic resource. I have the following four subs, all of which are intended to hide columns B, D, F, and H if all cells but the header are empty. The subs are functional, but I would really like to be able to combine them...
  11. V

    Format columns when cells are protected

    I need to protect a worksheet to limit the cells that users can input values into. However, I want to enable them to hide/unhide columns if the wish to see more details. Is there a way that you can have a protected worksheet but allow users to hide/unhide columns in Excel 2007? Thanks!
  12. D

    Hide Column Based on Value in Cells

    Dear All, I am attempting to program a macro that will automatically hide column "G" when cell F9 is "FALSE." I wrote the code below, but it does not work. Do you have any suggestions? Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Address = "$F$9" Then...
  13. M

    Hide rows and columns

    Hi, I am very new to VBA. Yes I know it's 2013 but I'm seeing the value in it for the first time. Everything I did prior to this was child's play, not that this is complex to most of you all. I'm looking to see if there is a way to hide rows and columns via VBA in excel. Cell b1 contains a...
  14. B

    Publishing Excel Sheet unhides hidden columns

    Hey, Not sure if this is something that can be done, but I want to save a sheet as a web page while keeping any hidden column hidden. At present, I have it saving as a web page, and auto publishing on each save, but it unhides columns which I have hidden. Googled this for the last hour but...
  15. B

    VBA Macro to hide column when cell is = 4

    How do I auto hide column when a specific cell is equal to 4; Cell P2 will have either a 4 or a 5, when it is equal to 4, I need column "O" to be hidden. Thanks!
  16. A

    Hide column if all cells down the column are zero by using macro in excel

    Hello, everyone. :) I really need help in hiding specific column in excel where all the cells down that column are zero. For example, column A that has 50 rows. If all the cells in column A contain 0, then the column will be automatically hidden. Can I accomplish this by using macro? :(...
  17. T

    Macro to hide rows and columns based on cell values

    I have data in an array like A1:Z38. I have formulas in each of the cells that either display a number or #N/A. I would like to write a macro that will go through each of the rows in the array and then hide the rows where all the cells contain #N/A. Then, I would like it to cycle through the...
  18. B

    Conditional Column Hiding

    Hi guys, Hope you can help !! I'm writing a log to combine 4 teams data entries. Team Red, Team Green, Team Blue and Team Yellow. There are 30 data feilds and only certain ones apply to each team. I wish to put a drop down column in A for the 4 different teams , If I select a certain team...
  19. Johnny Thunder

    Macro I can add to the end of my pasting macro That will hide Column A on all tabs

    Hello All, I have a running macro that copies/Paste data from "Report_Paste" tab to about 12 tabs, at the end of the macro I would like the last piece of the script to say Hide Coulmn A from all tabs except the "Report_Paste" tab. Any ideas? I use the record macro button to record the code...

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