hide rows cell value

  1. A

    VBA - Hide Rows based on two Cell Values

    Hello, I have a table with two columns (min value and max value) and I want to filter the rows typing in the desired range in two separate cells. I have achieved to make it for the first column. It is as follows: Sub SearcRange() 'Hide Dim Cell As Range Var = Range("C1").Value...
  2. B

    hiding rows based on a selection (text) in a specific cell

    I found the following coding but I would like to know to adapt it to text <colgroup><col width="64" style="width: 48pt;" span="8"> <tbody> Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target = "Indeterminate" Or "Term" Or "Transfer" Or "As Required" Then Exit Sub...
  3. A

    Hiding Row if a certain cell in that row is blank

    Hi All, I have a large budget spreadsheet where i have various codes ranging from A1-A50, however right now I only use about 15 of the codes but the other ones will be eventually populated. The description column uses an index match Formula which looks up a code list. What i want to do is hide...
  4. M

    VBA Hide Rows

    Hi I used the following code to hide rows based on a cell value: Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() Dim MyResult As String Application.EnableEvents = False Rows("11:" & Worksheets("Vouchers").UsedRange.Rows.Count).EntireRow.Hidden = False MyResult =...
  5. abarbee314

    Hide a row based upon value in Column 1 (need script)

    Okay, this is my first post AND I am not super-familiar with VBA/scripts. I know how to insert codes and that's about it. I work as a legal trainer, and usually am the one showing people how to do stuff. So, if you want to educate me within your response, that's better for me in the long run. If...
  6. M

    VBA: Hide rows based on value (date)

    Hi, I have the below code to hide rows based on the date in column "C". What I am trying to do is hide rows older than today's date. It's working but not all rows are being hidden. Any suggestion? Thank you in advance. Windows 7, MS 2010. Private Sub Hidebtn_Click() Dim myRg As Range Set...
  7. L

    hiding/unhiding rows based on dropdown selection

    I am trying to write VBA to hide or unhide a number of rows based on the selection of a dropdown list. I am brand new to VBA and although I was able to piece this together by exploring the internet, it is not working in my worksheet. Honestly, I just copied, pasted and edited this code and I...
  8. U

    Hide row if certain cells on the row doesn't contain certain value

    I've looked around these forums and done some searching on Google but didn't find exactly what i was looking for so i hope you guys can help me out! Ok, So i have an excel sheet in which i need to do the following: I have a dropdown menu with some 300 values in cell A1 from which users can...
  9. R

    vba to hide rows dependent on drop down list value

    Hi, I have been working on this VBA macro to hide certain rows dependent on whether the drop down list is set to 5 or 6 years (its a loan calculator). Can someone tell me what is wrong? I have put it in the sheet VBA as worksheet_change. If Intersect(Target, Range("I6")) Is Nothing Then...
  10. R

    Stopped the flicker then added a protect/unprotect to the macro and flicker started up again??

    Hi there, I have the code below that hides rows if the test cell is 0 or blank. The screen on sheet 1, which drives the results for this "Q U O T E" Sheet, was flickering badly when every drop down box or tick box was selected. I Fixed that with "Application.ScreenUpdating = False" However...
  11. B

    Auto-hiding rows with the same value

    http://tinypic.com/r/149xo37/6 Above is a picture of my data set. Hi All, New member here. I am working with in Office 2008 (For Mac). I want to auto-hide some rows when two columns of criteria match. I will provide an example: Since A3 through A6 match, AND C3 through C6 match, I want to hide...
  12. K

    Hide/Unhide Rows Based Upon Drop-Down Option Selected

    I know there is probably a simple way to do this, but I'm new to VBA. I have multiple drop-down lists and for some I am trying to unhide rows if a specific drop-down item is selected and rehide them if the drop-down item is later changed. For example, if in row 17 "Red" is selected, rows 18 and...
  13. L

    Hide Rows based on cell value being empty

    Hi, I have read other posts about this but I am still a little confused as most macros that have been made are tweaked to suite the users individual needs. What I want is something like this to work in the active sheet: If cells D2:D55 = "" Then Hide.EntireRow If cells D2:D55 = "has any...

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