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    Update excel VBA to rename tabs based on cell value

    Current: I have code that updates 4 tab (Sheet6, Sheet7, Sheet8, Sheet10) names based on cell values in range D2:D5. This range is populated with formulas, which can result in blanks and is located on a tab named “Calculations”. Each cell is associated with a specific tab: D2 -> Sheet6. If...
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    Hiding columns and sheets based on combo-box values

    Hi, all As a VBA incompetent, I'm butting up against problems that I can see a logical solution to, but that I have no idea how to code, and I would very much appreciate assistance if possible. I have an activeX combo-box that selects from different pieces of equipment that we supply. Based on...
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    Creating a patch in vba

    I have previously created a patch (with help from this forum) that allows you to choose a spreadsheet to open and then change details in the spreadsheet, save the changes and then close the spreadsheet. I am trying to use a similar patch and I can't get it to work. I can get the spreadsheet...

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