1. T

    Parent Child hierarchical format using Level

    Hi, I am trying to establish below in hierarchical format. Is there anyway if we can achieve output as below. tried grouping but didn't work. Input <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt" span="3"> </colgroup><tbody> Node Level A100 1 101 Child 1 2...
  2. J

    Flat hierarchy -> Treemap/Sunburst Chart

    Hi, I have hierarchical data in a named range "Table1" that looks like below, where the "Count" is the value for each Category, and The "Cumulative Count" is the sum of the current level and all child levels. Is there a way to quickly get this into a format to use the Treemap or Sunburst plots...
  3. M

    I want to make a sunburst chart

    Hi! I want to make sunburst chart for my company showing, an annual cycle. The cycle will show month, week, day and what action to take. I have made an excel sheet wich contains my data, see enclosed picture. <tbody> Month Week Weekday Activity Januar Uke 1 Man Vareopptelling Tir...
  4. P

    Recursive Creating a Folder Tree in Outlook

    Hi, I have been creating folders in Outlook using a simple macro that creates folders from the first column of an Excel sheet under the folder currently selected. That macro is based in Outlook. We are at the beginning of a new fiscal year and I would really like to create the whole tree at...
  5. K

    Grouping Like Column in Like Row

    Okay so I have quite the conundrum. I'm pulling hierarchical data out of a data system. I'm utilizing Monarch 11 in order to strip out the necessary data that i need. An example of what I'm left with is below. <tbody> PROFILE NAME Option1 Option2 Option3 Option4 Option5 BASIC ACE ACE SCE...
  6. J

    Help with Hierarchical Structure in Excel

    Hey guys, I have been working on a project in Excel for weeks with no luck. What I am trying to make is an interactive BoM (bill of materials) setup almost like a Family Tree with buttons to add new child items. I've been working on coding this for weeks with no luck. Here is a link to my...
  7. kc.crow

    Hierarchical counts - multilevel

    Have an interesting problem. I suspect that this may need to be resolved with code but if there is a nifty array formula that would be even better. Here's a sample set of data A B C Mgr Emp Y/N M1 A1 Y M1 A2 Y M2 A3 N M3 A4 Y M5 A5 N M1 Y M3 M2 Y M7 M3 Y M2 M4 Y M3 A6 Y M2 A7 Y M5...
  8. S

    Hierarchical Arrangement

    Can someone help me to arrange the columns given below: Note: The tree can expand as gievn in exampe and can have more values. TOP of the tree being '1' :INPUT========================================COLUMN1 COLUMN2---------------------------------------1 = TOP1-2001 = MIDDLE1-2001-2002 =...

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