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    Extract Numbers in strings

    Hi to All, Can I extract the highest numbers in a string? For example, I have a string as below. abc12334.12nvdv cdv5123.12ncdbcv234564.35 I want to return the highest number value which is 234564.35. Thank you in advance.
  2. E

    Find the next dmax values?

    I need help finding the next highest values for one month. I used the Dmax function to return the highest value but I still need to extract at least the 5 next ones. Any idea? Thx.
  3. J

    Pull highest score from Range

    Good afternoon I have a sheet (have been here before modifying it) for my dart league and I want to pull the highest game from a range of number inside a cell So below is a snap shot of where the data is input. each Wk will have the equation something like =14+23+25 (different for all...
  4. K

    Format / Highlight top 3 values at row level

    Hi, I designed a pivot table and have the datas in percentage. So for each row, I have to highlight top 3 values (highest by individual row level) in different colors. Can someone help me with it? <tbody> SUBJECT MARK1 MARK2 MARK3 MARK4 SUB1 86 67 12 76 SUB2 45 56 35 97...
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    tracking highest value

    I have a formula in one cell that determines a value. As the value changes, I want another cell to record the highest value of the original cell. So as the first cell grows in value, the new cell shows the highest value, but if the original cell goes down in value, the new cell does not change.
  6. V

    Find the highest value in column A and delete the whole row

    Hello all, I need code that will find the highest value in column A and delete that whole row.. Thanks!

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