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    Excel VBA: Combine Row Data of Specific Accounts

    Hi Gurus, Good day! I just want to consult if there's a VBA way to combine the data (get the sum) of specific accounts? For example I have long list of data but need to combine the total data for Math & Science. Note that there are negative numbers sometimes and Reference 01 is the main...
  2. D

    Compare two sheets using Key cell

    I know this has been asked a thousand times, but my case is a little different. I have a workbook with a master sheet and then a sheet where people make updates to the data provided from the master sheet. Sometimes they add rows and some times they remove rows, change data in row cells etc. the...
  3. P

    Auto Text Filling a Cell and prevent it from being duplicated as per change of Status

    Hello, Is it possible to auto fill a chosen cell between cells in a row and prevent it to be duplicated from the previous/after cell, based on change of status? I want $I$7 to interact $C$7, therefore after filling $K$14, it will auto transfer from $I$7, and $I$7 will be blank & so on...
  4. M

    How can I highlight cells that have been changes since "X" date ?

    Hello! I have a mega forecast that people update and I'd like to make it simple to see which cells have been updated (could be added as a new line or info deleted or changed in a cell). The model already has lots of conditional formatting indicating various things so it needs to work on-top of...
  5. B

    Compare two lists

    Hi there! I am trying to do this way (https://www.excel-easy.com/examples/compare-two-lists.html) to compare in VBA but I can not get the same result as when I try it manually.
  6. D

    Can I use conditional formatting to highlight where a cell has been changed (e.g. from N to Y)

    Hi all, I have an Excel spread sheet setup to display departmental compliance with certain criteria, and at the moment I have conditional formatting to show the cell as red when it contains "n" and green when it displays "y". What I would like to do is show also when a cell has been changed...
  7. C

    Sorting the unsorted

    All, Good morning, obviously looking for a bit of help here so I will try and be descriptive as possible. I have One Spreadsheet bringing in data from two different locations. In each of the linked spreadsheets There is a unique number in both documents ( a Construction Drawing number...
  8. T

    Highlighting changes in cell *after* data input macro is run

    Hello All, I'm not an Excel genius by any means, and I know enough VBA to get me by. I have a quick question for you all and I hope it's an easy solution. I work for a marketing agency where technical savvy-ness is really limited. We analyze a lot of web page elements. I have a program that...
  9. Z

    Highlight cells using VBA

    Hi, I am running a macro to make some changes to certain cells in a spreadsheet (formula changes) Is there a code I can include within the macro so that all cells that change are also highlighted in yellow?
  10. J

    Compare 2 worksheets of same size and highlight changes in different colour

    I am completely new to VBA. I have 2 worksheets of the same size (about 4000 rows), cells containing either text, time or date data. I need to compare the new worksheet with the old and highlight anything that has changed on the new with a different colour. I currently do the exercise in...
  11. A

    automatically highlight modified cells

    Version Excel 2007 We distribute a report to many users. The users edit some of the cells and return the report. Question: How can we have the modified cells automatically highlight when edits are made? We want to be able to view all edited cells at a glance. Thank you for your help....!
  12. V

    Worksheet_Change to Highlight Changes

    I'm trying to find code (I can't write my own yet) that will highlight any cells that have been changed with fill color and bold font. I've searched around the forum and come up with the code below so far. It's not working - when I make a change to a cell and hit enter, it highlights and bolds...
  13. B

    track changes referencing multiple sheets

    I am trying to use the track changes option. I have a multi sheet workbook and want to track changes in different cells on each sheet. However I cannot figure out how to enter these references into the Where: option of highlight changes. I can select one sheets cells, as soon as I enter a second...

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