1. R

    Conditional highlighting based on the value of multiple cells

    I have a large list of items that I want to verify. There are two sheets, one with the raw data and the second with a list of items. Set up kind of like this: Sheet One <tbody> Host User host1 user1 host1 user2 host2 user1 host2 user2 host3 user3 </tbody> Sheet 2 <tbody> Host User...
  2. G

    Change workbook name to same as host folder name.

    Hi all, Is there a way to automatically change workbook name dependent on which folder its in? If say the host folder is called "2019" and the workbook is called "test.xlsm". When "test.xlsm" workbook is placed into the "2019" folder the workbook then changes name to 2019.xlsm? regards Ged
  3. K

    Vlookup, with ifs and nesting

    I am having an issue with finding the correct syntax to utilize the vlookup where two criteria are met if the first vlookup returns no data. so I was thinking something like find host on datatableA, - if there is an address value (not blank), display it; if not, then look for the host {still on...
  4. T

    Possible to host an access DB??

    Hi all I have zero working knowledge of access. I am considering purchasing an access database for CRM (customer relationship management) purposes. The only drawback is that this would sit on my desktop and for obvious reasons I am hesitant. Is there a service or somewhat simple way for me to...
  5. P

    Passport Host Help (hopefully)

    I know this website is mostly used for Excel but I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction for this! I'm programming in passport Host in Win 3270. The programs should all start at the same coordinate location (i.e. Row 3 Column 5). Does anyone know the code to force the program to...
  6. S

    "Secret santa"

    Can excel be used to randomize a secret Santa draw? It needs to have functionality that it randomises a name and wither emails that person or puts onto a tab or hides the name from everyone else.. maybe only access with a password so the host doesn't see who has who either?
  7. F

    Loop through all the data and display them in proper format.

    I would like to seek help from the expert in Mr.Excel with my issue below. i have some sample data as per below. Host is in 1 table and Port is on another table. <tbody> Host Port1 Port2 Port3 Host1 1A 1B 1C Host2 </tbody> I would like to output the data as per below in another...
  8. pedie

    Getting host name with excel code.

    I dont know why this code is not working. Please advise. Thanks Ped;) Sub host_name() Dim ClientMachineEntry As System.Net.IPHostEntry ClientMachineEntry = System.Net.Dns.GetHostByAddress(Request.ServerVariables.Item("REMOTE_HOST")) messagebox.Show (ClientMachineEntry.HostName) End Sub

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