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    Application.ConvertFormula behaves differently

    Hi All, I have below macro, which works on my PC. On another PC, the same code behaves differently. Any ideas why this is different, we both run Excel 2016? Sub setFixedCol() 'Hotkey: Ctrl + Shift + U Dim c As Range For Each c In Selection If c.HasFormula Then c.Formula =...
  2. O

    KeyUp execute code.

    Hey excel gurus, I would need your help on running a specific code when key state is up. I am already aware of a OnKey method but that is not what I require. Another way of achieving this would be to use AutoHotKey. With a hotkey assigned to the excel macro that gets triggered on key up state...
  3. B

    How to assign a hotkey to a command button macro

    Hi all, I have code that starts with Private Sub CommandButton3_Click() and I am wondering how to go about assigning a hotkey to it instead of having to use the command button. Any pointers? thanks!
  4. X

    Hotkey to switch between sheets? - Simple Question!

    Hi there,I'm trying to work out what the Hotkey is to switch between sheets in excel.For example there is Alt+Tab for switching between windows, Ctrl + Tab for switching between open internet tabs, surely there must be a way to switch between sheets in Excel too, right?Thanks in advance for any...
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    SubApplication.SendKeys command is opening the Start Menu

    The macro is as follows: Sub FindText() CommandBars("Edit").Controls("Find...").Execute Application.SendKeys "%(h)W%(t)%(h)W%(n){DEL}{ESC}" End Sub It only seems to open the Start Menu when I use an assigned hotkey to call the macro. I had originally set it as ctrl+shift+f ("ctrl+F") and...
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    Run Macro from Windows Hotkey

    So I have a new job and a coworker that makes this really annoying teeth sucking sound like every 2 minutes, so the only I stay sane is by keeping track of every time he does it. I have made a spreadsheet to keep track, and it's keeping me sane like a charm. (link to file) I would like log each...

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