1. J

    HPageBreaks.Location Error

    Hello, I have a piece of code designed to place horizontal page breaks so the heading for a group of data isn't by itself at the bottom of a page. However, it throws a run-time error 9 - subscript out of range. This appears to be a known issue, but Microsoft's solution, to select the last cell...
  2. dchaney

    Works with F8, not when running

    Hello All, I am trying to figure out why my code will work for each iteration of an HPageBreak when I use F8, but when I run it fully it only works on the first iteration, but then it skips the rest. Is there something I am missing within my code, and if so can someone help me with it? here is...
  3. A

    Moving Automatic Page Breaks

    I Created Following Routine To Hide Rows In Groups Of 6, If Data Is Not Found In Column C. After Hiding All The Unneeded Rows, The Routine Would Move The Automatic Page Breaks To Rows Indicated By The Dimensioned Variable, New_Page_Breaks, But I Keep Getting A Run-time Errer 438 On The Following...

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