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    Excel range to HTML for Outlook message body

    Good Day All! Mr. de Bruin has outstanding examples from which I have learned much. Unfortunately I have hit a roadblock in my attempts to convert a range to html and send it. For some unknown reason the range gets truncated horizontally (not at all vertically) as if a line is drawn down the...
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    Place an Excel File Path as a Link in a Lotus Notes Email Body

    I have an Excel sheet that I use as a mailing automatism for reports. As it currently is it attaches an actual copy of the excel workbook to the email and send them out. The mailer contains several different people, and they get different report each day. Due to the size of some of the files...
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    Macro needed!!! Help!

    I have 2 macros and they do the below functions. 1 ) picks up certain fields from sheet in excel and puts in an email and shoots an email using Outlook. 2 ) picks up certain fields from sheet1 in excel puts it in sheet 2 and saves sheet 2 as a new file, then attaches it to an email in outlook...
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    RangetoHTML file size problem

    Hi there, I'm using RangetoHTML to send chunks of a spreadsheet via CDO emails to lots of recipients. The range is fairly small, and contains basic text, however the "RangetoHTML" function (which I am not really keen on since I cut & paste it but have not yet figured out exactly how it works)...
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    Add outlook Signature using VBA when sending email.

    Hi I am using the below code in a MS Office 2000 environment. Does anyone know how to set the email type to be HTML and also automatically attach the signiature from outlook. I am using the following standard code to send. Set myOlApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") Set...

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