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  1. Sprock

    Imported Hyperlinks lose link

    I am VBA noob extraordinaire. I am merging data from multiple WBs. The Source WBs and destination WB are .xls. In all the source WBs, the D column contains hyperlinks that work in the source but after copy in the destination the Address is missing from the Hyperlink properties. Here is...
  2. B

    Find Hperlinks in column and copy entire row to new sheet

    I have a group of worksheets that I want to cycle through and look in column A for a hyperlink. If the cell has a hyper link in it I want to copy the entire row to the work sheet pTable. I have pieced the code below together as a first step to copy the just the link but it does not work with the...
  3. B

    Converting Hyperlinks to URL

    Q? I have a several hundred entity names that each function as a hyperlink. Each name is associated with a distinct web URL. While this is cool, I want to format the cells to show only the web URL. How do I convert these hyperlinks to the URL address? Is their a paste special function or command...
  4. B

    Hyperlink alignment

    If I have a hyperlink that is set up to reference a cell in the same sheet, is there a way to make the referenced cell appear as the top left cell on the screen?
  5. C

    Hyperlink formatting

    Simple question - When you create a hyperlink in excel, it automatically makes the text blue with underlining - is there anyway to change this? I've looked everywhere but can't seem to find an answer!

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