hyperlink to files

  1. N

    VBA to Hyperlink to file based on cell text

    I have a interesting one i hope you can help me with. I have audit documents that contain a column with a photos filename ie. <tbody> WIN_20141125_10.JPG WIN_20141125_15.JPG WIN_20141125_155.JPG WIN_20141125_44.JPG WIN_20141125_12.JPG </tbody> The file name relates to a file one...
  2. Grizlore

    this HYPERLINK code, working sometimes working, sometimes not (?)

    Hello All, I am baffled :| The formula does what it should... soemtimes. The formula below finds the first time a code if mentioned, and creates a hyperlink to a file with the same name, and a .pdf file extension. =IF(C2<>"",(IF(COUNTIF($C$2:C2,C2)=1,HYPERLINK("\\drive1\share\CofPs\"&...
  3. T

    hyperlink to listed files

    Hi experts! I have the following code which searches for xls-files in a given path and lists me filename, path, sheet names and the content of cells a1 and a2 (titel) in an excel table. What I need is, that the path appears as hyperlink opening directly the file it refers to. How could I...

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