ie control

  1. P

    VBA logging into secure website

    I have written some vba code to log into a secure website. I have been successful in opening IE, inputting the Username and the Password. However, I can't get the login button to execute. I inspected HTML button and the following HTML code is the corresponding code to the button: <input...
  2. A

    vba ie pdf save

    Hi everyone.. need help in finishing my project. I have a excel file which has some list of links to secure pdf links. i.e. I don't have the links stating instead it states some thing like this.. https...
  3. somnath_it2006

    Extract data from webpage using IE

    Hi All, From last few days I was working on website crawlers (Sorry I don't know the exact word). By using some references I used IE control for extract data from website as per form submitting and etc.. And this is working very effectively in Data Extraction. Here I am just sharing that...

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