if and or nested

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    Clean data help - remove rows

    Hi! I'm trying to clean a dataset and only retain families with at least parent at home. I started going through it manually but it took 7-8 hours to do 3,000 entries and I have 30,000 entries left to do! There must be an easier way so I figured I'd add the criteria here and maybe someone...
  2. J

    Two conditions most be met for each or

    I HAVE 4 OUTCOME COMBINATIONS. I couldn't figure it out. it only changed if all three B:E exceeded 84, but I need to change if any of the cell exceeds 84, along with A1 IF A1 IS LESS THAN 1, AND any if these cells exceed B2>84 OR C2>84 OR D2>84 OR E2>84 ="A" IF A1 IS LESS THAN 1, AND any if...
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    How to convert this conditional excel formula to VBA code ??

    Hello All, I've got a perfectly working Macro assigned to a button to copy paste the contents from one sheet (Designed like a form) to another sheet (Master database - Locked and Protected). This workbook will be shared with many people to fetch data from each. Now, I want my user not to leave...
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    Multiple IF AND in same formula

    Hi I'm trying to create a formula to deliver three different outputs based on conditions of three columns. Conditions: IF a2 = 11 AND d2 = 028 return NI Landline OR IF a2 = 11 AND c2 = 07 return Mobile OR IF a2 <>11 return Other Number It;s necessary to check Col C...
  5. A

    How do i nested IF AND OR with unique values and unique message

    Hi, Cell E3 display dynamic reference values between 000 to 333 ( e.i 000,001,002,003, etc,etc) Each reference have their "own" measure values that is displayed on cells F3,G3,I3,R3,T3 for example ...
  6. N

    OR and wildcards

    =IF(OR(B4={"1A","1B","2A","2B","18A","18B"})... Is it possible to change this so that all it does it look for A or B in cell B4?
  7. K

    Copy lines of other sheets based on criteria entered into two cells

    Hello! I am trying to see if there is a way to achieve my idea without nesting IF AND/IF OR statements in the formula bar. I am not too familiar with VBA, but I imagine there is some code that could help me with the following goal: I am creating an excel workbook database that will allow users...
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    Function IF AND OR (main Value cell) nested to multiples cells to get exact Result

    Hi, I trying to display depending on values from Main cell (cell C) nested with Multiples cell, so far a i have good result but i still need to add a criteria on more cells with some values. i made a short formula that is working ...

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