if condition statement

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    Merge data from multiple cell with the conditiion that only if the cell has data in it as well as add HTML list element

    <tbody> </tbody> This is working fine. =CONCATENATE( IF(E5<>"", ""&$E$3&CHAR(160)&$E$4&CHAR(160)&E5&" ",""), IF(F5<>"",""&$F$3&CHAR(160)&$F$4&CHAR(160)&F5&"...
  2. L

    IF/Nested IF Statement help!

    Excel & VBA Folks, I'm fairly new to VBA, but have been working hard to learn & help my company. I need help consolidating my code though, it's long & continually tests IF statements. The below code runs through about 1500 rows trying to match trade breaks to two seperate spreadsheets depending...
  3. R

    Need formula to establish how many sales managers I need

    I am hiring 5-10 new sales people per week. I want to pair 1 sales manager to each 15 sales people hired. So, in week 1, I have zero sales people, but I need 1 sales manager. So, if I begin my spreadsheet with 1 sales manager, then add 5 sales people, then another 5 the following week, then...
  4. M


    :confused: Hi! Below is my discrepency.. IF cell is <=.09, .09 should be the outcome. IF <NOBR>cell</NOBR> is >.09 but <=.33, .33 should be the outcome. IF cell is >.33 but <=.67, .67 should be the outcome. IF cell is >.67 but <=.99, .09 should be the outcome. If cell is = 0, .09 should be...

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