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    General Guidance for 10 nested if else

    Hi Everyone, I'm need some advice for nested if else. I needed a 10 item if-else situation and I am aware that the limit is 7. Plus I need it to continuously need to check value such that if user changes values, the if-else statements will auto adjust to new message(while retaining the ability...
  2. E

    Copy entries from a new sheet and paste them to the respective row in Master sheet

    I got a "new" sheet that will be generated few times a day, and it will be deleted after this sub. I want to copy data from "new" sheet and paste it into existing "records" sheet paste data into its respective row (different fruits) add new fruit row if fruit doesn't exist in "records" sheet...
  3. T

    No response when using if-elseif function

    I have a project due in 5 days. I am trying to create a tool using macro so that when few criteria are selected, a certain rating will be shown. There are three criteria that need to be filtered before getting the result. For example, if the industry (eg. agriculture) is selected, followed by...

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