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    Multi-conditional Index/Match Function

    Hello, Hoping that someone could assist! I have a workbook where I needed to use the index/match function to source the data. While I was able to successfully complete the formula, I need that the formula also takes into consideration the dates. So for example, if the source data has...
  2. A

    Wildcard in IF statement - find date and reformat

    I have a "comments" column that will randomly include comments and a date string */* (eg. A1 = "del 5/20", A2 = "expected delivery 6/1", A3 = "4/7", A4= "delivery 11/01", etc.) I want to find that date string in "comments column" and post in the adjacent column as standard date format...
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    using search criteria with the IF function

    So I have this function: =SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(IF(A$7:A$45="Macys",MATCH(F$7:F$45,F$7:F$45,0)),ROW(A$7:A$45)-ROW(A$7)+1),1)) What this function does, is looks at a list in column A and counts the number of times "macys" appears, but will only count it once for every time "macys" coordinating job...
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    VBA: how to search for multiple text strings in a data field and if matched return one word

    Hi! So I have been pulling my hair our trying to figure out how to build a VBA for a process that is so time consuming and repetitive and deadly. background: I have hundreds of records of customer info and I am trying to categorize the job titles so that I can conduct some analysis with a...
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    Excel IF Function

    Hi! can someone please help? I am using 2 columns of data and using an IF function in the 3rd column to return 'Paid' or 'Pending'. but even when they match, the result is still saying pending when it should say paid..... the payment references are alphanumeric....this is the formula to show...
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    Help using If Function

    Hello, I am trying to automate the entry of certain text in a cell "C3" based on drop down in another cell "N16". when i select an item from drop down , the formula works and enters text in cell "C3" But when i again select another item from dropdown the existing text is replaced by new text...
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    Question about using the IF function to display matching text/pattern matching

    Hello everyone. I just a have a general question about using the IF function to display matching names. My spreadsheet looks like this <tbody> edcoronado edcoronado123 joel joelsmith don schmit donschimt4523 dansmith dan jones The above is in the A and B cells...
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    IF Function

    Hi there, My question is related to the following (shortened) table: <TBODY> <TBODY> Item Id PFLX050S2050BKF PFLX060S2050 PFLX060S2050/P1 PFLX060S2050BKF PFLX080S2050 PFLX030CE1000 PFLX030FH1000 PFLX030S1000 PFLX060S2050BKF PFLX020S2050 PFLX030FH2050 PFLX030S1220...
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    VBA If function help

    Hello, I need to use an If function to search for a text sring in one column and then copy the results from another column on to another worksheet. For example: 1 A 2 B 3 C 4 D I need to search in the first column for numbers > 2 and then copy the true results from the second column. In...

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