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    Formula to check if one date is within a range of other dates?

    Sorry if I don't explain this very well, I'll do my best- I need a formula in B1, which will check the date in A1 and tell me if it is within this week's dates. It will say 'This Week' if this is true. (eg. if A1 says: '30/12/2014' (or any other date from the current week) then it will say...
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    Workday function combined with If function help

    I have been working on this for a while and I can not figure it out. G8= Student entry date H8 = # of days in attendance I8 = =IF(H8<=30,P8-H8,"Ineligible") column I = the date students are eligible for 30 day release P8 = =IF(G8>=1,G8+75,"") column P = the date students are eligible for...
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    If function: can the true result be a function?

    Hello and thanks for trying to help! I have three columns: Date, Type, Start Date. I have data in the "Date" and "Type" columns, but I need to populate the "Start Date" column. Type can only take two values, A or B; date is just a range of future dates. The logic is as follows: If Type = A...

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