if statement help

  1. T

    Repeat Numbering for like ID's

    Hi, I have id's numbers that repeat and i need to count them with the same "row number" the formula I've come up with is: =if(b2=b1,"1",a1"+1"). each change in employee number it starts over to row number 1. what am i missing <tbody> Row Number ID Number 1 123421 1 123421 2 222323 2...
  2. N

    How to get Index/Match or Vlookup to return specific matching value

    I'm trying to use the INDEX and MATCH (or Vlookup) function to return only a specified value ("Paper Check") if it exists. If it does not exist, I want the return value to be "No". Sample below: <tbody> A B C D E F G 1 Name Check Type Payment Method Name Paper Checks? 2 John Smith All...
  3. P

    If statement to Return the previous non zero value in a column

    Hi All, I have this Google Sheets workbook that is meant to compare sales for the past 4 months. The reports for each month are pulled in automatically from sales force and the 0 values are from the weekends mostly when no sales come in. To compare 4 months on 1 line graph, the lines need to be...
  4. J

    Help with long string!

    Hello, I am no expert with excel so please forgive me if what I'm about to ask is silly. I am creating a canned response tool for my department which allows users to pick which options were used. Currently I have it formatted as a list which works but it's not how I'd like it. I would like to...
  5. B

    Excel 2013 Formula IF with AND, OR, and NOT, or may conditional formatting

    I understand how to use a nested IF statement in Excel and I understand how to use one of the three conditions (AND, OR, NOT) individually in a formula. What I want to do is: If Cell AC15 is equal to 1 or 2 and Cell AD15 and AD16 are equal to 1, then "OK", If AC15 is equal to 3 and AD15 & 16...
  6. P

    Formula to pull numbers from dataset and assign them to rows

    I have huge data set 500,000 rows. Column B contains transaction number (625, 255 etc) and company number (100,200 and 500). C=posting date (C1,C2 etc) or account (C3 etc), D=Amount (summed up in D3 etc), and E=service date (has repeating empty cell). I need formula to assign company for each...
  7. bobkap

    If Isdate not really an IF statement?

    This line of code (below) is NOT working as a normal IF statement. If I include the "End If" line I get an error message. I also get an error if I try to use a line starting with "else". I need the functionality of a regular IF statement so I can apply code for those situations where my cell...
  8. A

    IF Statement is not working completly

    Hi I have following IF statement: =IF(D2="Identify Programme & Domain","Please Provide P Programme and Domain Names in the Comments Column",IF(D2="Nothing to Do With Us / Talk to … Instead","Please advise if possible of contact details of who can be contacted",IF(D2=“It is Outside P but We are...
  9. B

    Vba if statement help

    Hi Guys, I have a macro that enters the application username as per below. but one of the users names comes up with a dash and I am trying to say that if the username comes up with the dash then replace it with the name in the statement. but it keeps coming up with an error. can anyone help...
  10. M

    Apply IF Statement on each cell in specified range

    Hi everyone, I am trying to define a formula which takes the product of a specified range, where, if the value of any cell (taken individually!) happens to be between (-1,1), then the function will first take the inverse of those values before multiplying every value together. The function is...
  11. R

    Multiple Conditions for a single cell

    I'm trying to use an IF statement on the following: IF(A1="Full",10) IF(A1="Half",5) IF(A1="Zero",0) IF(A1="N/A","") I want B1 to yield 10,5, 0 or blank based on what's entered into A1. I can't seem to put this altogether.
  12. T

    Conditional IF statemet that prints if TRUE

    I have calendars for the whole year created inn excel 2013. Each month a page. Different churches are scheduled each day during the year. I need a way to prit the calendar for each individual church that doesn't show others for privacy reasons. For example: IF "First Baptist", BOLD...
  13. I

    IF Statement with multiple conditions

    Hi All i need some help writing a formula with multiple conditions that returns a score depending on the % - in addition to this I also need another formula that would place a score in an adjacent cell depending on if the cell preceeding it is Green or Red (-10 for green, +10 for Red)...
  14. D

    Need help with IF THEN STOP statement (& General)

    So basically i am running this macro to generate the coordinates of certain points on a piece of material. However once the outer edge of the material (the breadth=1000) has been plotted i need the macro to stop running (leave cells unchanged). Also i was wondering if there was any way to...
  15. B

    Insert the same same if statement in many cells with different formulas

    Hi, I have many cells each with different formulas for example: A1=G14/(1-$J$1) A2=G15/(1-$J$1) A3=G16/(1-$J$1) A4=G17/(1-$J$1) What I would like to do is to quickly insert the same if statement or at least partially in each cell above without having to change the pre-existing formula like...
  16. B

    Check the days worked

    Hello again. List contains the names. Range L8:L127 shows the number of days each person worked. Range M8:M127 shows the company code. Codes are different. I need macro to check range with company codes (M8:M127) and if the cell contains text "GSF - CDC" check the L range for number of days...
  17. S

    How to stop a formula when the IF statement is true

    Hello, I am working on a formula that has many nested IF statements. I am calculating distances from stores, where the distances are in a matrix. Here is a short version of the formula to get from store to store...
  18. A

    If statement across tabs in a workbook

    Needing to use a if statement for a value on one tab that will match the same value on another tab in a certain column. if (AE4,brand!A1:A5,25,IF(AE4,Brand!A7:A10,35,IF(AE4,Brand!A11:A20,44))). any clues why it will not work? or can I use this: IF(Band!A2:A59,AE4,Band!R3:R59)
  19. L

    IF Statement the return cell value

    Greetings all, I'm struggling with an IF statement. I need it to do the following: take the last name (last text string) in cell i2 take that value and look in column E if the value is contained in column E, return the value from the cell Please feel free to ask questions if I'm being vague...
  20. H

    IF / VBA help!

    Hey, all i need to do is if column "A" has the number "1", "2", or "3", then select "B2 TO D2" cut it, paste at E1, THEN delete row 2. Etc.... See below: My problem: <tbody> A B C D 1 1131700633 xxx abc 10 2 1 aaa 1 a1 3 1131700634 xxx abc 10 4 2 aaa 2 a2 5 1131700635 xxx abc 11...

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