if statements???

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    Need help copying several cells to another sheet, based on the condition of a check box

    I am trying to say if K3 (the checkbox) is true (checked), then copy Complaints!B3 through Complaints!E3 to Citations!B3 through Citations!E3. My other option is to change the checkbox to a Yes/No drop down, if that's any easier. Thanks.
  2. M

    Copying between sheets based on dropdown list selection?

    Hiya! I'm using Excel 2003 to keep track of grades in a college class that I teach. Each category of graded items has its own worksheet with all grade data for all students, and I have an Overview worksheet that calls up data from the other worksheets that tell me total items passed / points...
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    Date Range If Statement with 3 Possible Outcomes - PLEASE HELP!

    I am trying to write a formula that will test if a re-fi date is in an annual date range (eg. 01/01/xx-12/31/xx). I need it to return the remaining balance at different dates or "0" depending on the outcomes. IF Re-Fi Date is > Annual period = Balance at the end of that year IF Re-Fi Date is...
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    If Statement Help Please!!!!

    I haven't used 'IF' statements too much, and I'm uncertain that I should be using this function for my challenge, but I thought it was a good place to start. Here's my issue: I thought using an 'IF' statement would be what's needed to determine the following: Based on # of weeks If # of...

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