if then function

  1. L

    VBA IF Then protect hidden worksheets code question

    I'm trying to combine an IF Then function with my password protect hidden worksheet codes. The idea is: when a worksheet is being unhidden, it will request a password, if the Password doesn't work the sheet will be hidden again. Unfortunately, every time a worksheet that uses this code is...
  2. D

    Is it possible to create an if/then formula with dynamic cells?

    I would like F3 to equal E3-D3, if there is a number OR formula in E3. If there isn't anything in E3, then it would look to see if there is anything in D3. If there is, then D3-C3. If not, then see if there is anything in C3. If there is, then C3-B3. If not, then = B2. Is that possible? Thank...
  3. L

    How to extract numbers from text with specified and unique conditions

    <quote> I was curious if someone could tell me how to change this formula and add some properties. Such as: To ignore number strings lead by zeros, if an x is directly behind a + = - its counted as a 1 is extrated (or in the case of the - a -1), and if a - is directly in front of a number...
  4. P

    Troubleshooting: IF then Commands working on one sheet but not another

    I am using a command that works on one sheet in excel but seems to ignore text in another sheet: =IF(A1="yes",B1& " is my favorite food.","I don’t have a favorite food.") is being used to generate a statement and works in sheet2. <tbody> A B C 1 Yes Pork Pork is my favorite food 2...
  5. C

    If then with Then choice

    I need to create an if then, and I don't know if its possible for a 2 column layout. For Example, if the entry for column A is "Department of Agriculture (USDA)" then the choice for column B must be one of the selected items, per the list below. To complicate things, there are 15 options for...
  6. D

    Using 'If Then' Statements, Excel 2010

    Hello! I'm trying to populate a column with data from two separate columns. To clarify, please see the table below. The information I'm getting is placed into columns A, just a code. I have the key in a separate column, like C, with the state that code represents in column D. What I would...
  7. M

    Creating order form in Excel 2007; Need to copy entire row if one cell has data

    Good afternoon, I'm trying to create a very simple order form, and would appreciate some assistance. It's been a while since I've done this in Excel, and I couldn't find an answer when I searched. (I may be a lousy searcher, though.) I want the user to enter a quantity in Column E of the...
  8. M

    highlight a cell if 2 conditions are met - looping grrr

    OK, I am irritated... I want a cell to highlight if two conditions are true. I keep getting a looping error. In cell A1 I want the following formula to work. =IF(AND(ISTEXT(A1),A28="Bath Day"),cellcolor=yellow,"") here is a copy of the area <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"...
  9. C

    Problem with IF condition

    Hi,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I am trying to write an IF condition in excel, but somehow don’t seem to manage to get it to work. <o:p></o:p> I want Cell C37 to automatically fill its content depending on the choice in Cell...
  10. A

    Conditional Formating in subtotal rows

    I am working on a sheet that subtotals final amount by individual location. I have the code and created the subtotals; however, I need to create a macro that formats the entire row (i.e A10:Y10). I can not have it as a defined row since the row may change day to day. I just need to format the...
  11. W

    IF THEN question

    Customer will select from a drop down list in B16. In E16 they can type in a size for that product that was specified in B16 but there is a minimum size for each product. I want to automaticallly bump that number up to the minimum required. :confused: For example, if they choose Duvets or...
  12. B

    "this sum" or "that sum" dependant on Criteria?

    Hi, I have two ways of working out profit depending on which company we send work to. I would like to write a function that takes this into account and does the math either way. I'm thinking this may be a SUMPRODUCT but not entirely sure. Example: Column A=Company Column B=Gross Fee...

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