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    Nested IF...THEN formula with multiple conditions: Rule of thumb on sequence logic?

    When creating nested IF...THEN formulas, is there a rule of thumb you use to design the logic sequence of conditions? I'm trying to address five conditions using a nested IF...THEN formula and could use some guidance. Alternatively, if you have suggestions on addressing five conditions using a...
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    Conditional IF...THEN

    Hi all I have a worksheet containing quantites of ingredients needed to complete a recipe. I have a seperate worksheet in the same workbook that contains prices for the ingredients. The problem I have is some of the ingredients are costed per Kilogram, some by Milliliter and some even by...
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    “If…Then” with an “And”

    I an trying to say; Delete each row in the range “AS59:AS616” if the cell in row “AS” is empty, EXCEPT for those in which the cell in the same row, 3 columns to the left is NOT empty. I’m just finding my way with vba and the “AND” function is hanging me up. Help would be appreciated...
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    Help with Defining a custom funtion in VBA

    I would like to create a custom function that would convert a date in format mmddyyyy into a string with the format yyyymmdd. Here is an example 04/03/2009 (April 3rd 2009) ---> 20090403 I have the following code so far, but the only thing it returns is "0" <link rel="File-List"...

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