ignore cell

  1. S

    For Loop to Change Cell Colors and Ignore Cells Based on Color?

    Hi everyone, hoping for your expertise. I am working with a set of data and trying to create a macro that, based on the cells that are selected, will return the highest value with the first button click, the second highest value with the second button click, etc. I have put together the below...
  2. dynamimic

    vba - how to ignore current cell before proceeding through Loop

    Hi there, vba virgin up until last week, but I'm trying to teach myself, so please go easy on me. I'm trying to create an Excel loop which will color rows blue meeting a certain criteria. My subroutine works, however, it always first colors the currently active cell blue before running through...
  3. S

    Concatenate a range but ignore any cell with 0.

    Hi there, I'm concatenating (is that a word?!) a range of data into one cell using the =CONCATENATE function. However, I want the function to ignore and skip any cell which has a '0' in. for example, data: A1= 7 A2= 0 A3= 9 A5 =CONCATENATE(A1,A2,A3) I want to see A5= 79, but have A5= 709

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