ignore text

  1. J

    Sum date/time cells, in a work schedule, to ignore text AND still subtract a break time

    I used the formula below in a monthly work schedule I am creating. The schedule reads (Time Out - Time In) - (Lunch out - Lunch in) to give me a total number hours worked for each employee, minus their 30 minute lunch break. The schedule is on one tab and the data is on another. I was originally...
  2. L

    How do I add range of cells with text and numbers but only include cells with certain text?

    <colgroup><col width="80" span="2" style="width:60pt"> </colgroup><tbody> A B NA NA 4.6 U 23 U 1.5 U 7.5 U 4.7 U 24 U 52 52 280 400 84 U 420 UJ NA NA 25 UJ 120 UJ NA NA 3,400 D 3,300 J 25 U 120 U...
  3. L

    Countif number or number WITH * asterisk - ignore other symbols or cells with text

    Could someone help me with a formula to count cells that ONLY contain a number AND/OR a number with the " * " (asterisk) symbol? I wish to ignore other symbols, as well as cells which contain text.. It must also ignore blanks. Eg: AAA AAA AAA 1 2 3* BBB BBB BBB* BBB** 1 2 3 4 5** In the...
  4. Y

    Sum only numbers in a range with multiple rows ignoring any text?

    Hello all, I have been researching this problem across the net and have tried everything from arrays to TRIM with no success. Here is what I am trying to do (using Excel 2010): This is just a sample, but I have multiple rows and columns A1:G2, in this example both rows are the range I need...
  5. M

    Conditional Formula to ignore text fields.

    Dear Excel Ninjas, I'm looking to write a formula that ignores cells that have "NA" in them. The exact formula is: =F8/((B8/B12)+(C8/C12)+(D8/D12)+(E8/E12)) The catch is that if any of those cells within the parenthesis have a value of "NA" then that divided pair should = 0. So if B8 =...
  6. ncjefffl

    Conditional formatting referring to two cells (one of which is the conditionally formatted cell)

    I've been trying to get this to work for two days to no avail. Here's what I'm trying to do: Conditionally format a cell so that if blank, one color, if >= a specified cell, green, and if less than the same specified cell, red. I also don't want the conditional formatting rule to fire if the...

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