ignoring empty cells

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    Finding Most Common String, then 2nd Most Common String, etc, in a Column

    Here is my problem, I am trying to calculate the most common string, the 2nd most common string, up to the 10th most common. Here is some of the data: FVHA FVHA FVFA FVMV FVBU FVHA FVHA FVFA FVBU and many more. Here is an example of the formula for finding the most common...
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    Vlookup and when to stop

    I have created a list of part numbers, and am using a drop down screen to select part numbers (nearly 500). In the second and third column I am using vlookup so that I can get prices, which I want to total at the end. However, if I copy and paste the vlookup formula to a maximum of say 20...
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    Blank Cells and LINEST

    I have been trying to use LINEST for the analysis of a large sets of data but have just noticed that this function does not allow for empty cells in the data set. Apart from the tredious possibility of removing the blank cells (which is not really possible for the large quantity of data...

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