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    Loop issue to export picture

    Hi all, I want to export a group of shapes as an image. The group consists of various shapes that are displayed / hidden based on user selection and show incident types on a map. All I want is to export this map to a JPG. I have crafted a script from various finds online, it works sometimes...
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    Store Windows Clipping tool object in Excel cell

    I have a contract to extract pieces of scanned .PDF documents and paste the pieces along with a bunch of calculated information in a carefully formatted spreadsheet. This whole series of action times about 1,000.They display in the spreadsheet and I have to manually size them. I use several...
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    Save selection as image, export to network location

    Hi, Been looking through board to find help on this issue, but it didn't seem as if the solutions applied.. With Excel 2010, I want to make a macro that: - allows users to save selection to an image file (bmp, jpg, gif or png) - with 'invisible' gridlines (ActiveWindow.DisplayGridlines =...
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    insert picture into comment from active worksheet (not from path)

    Hi, It is quite easy to find on the web how to insert a picture from a harddrive into comment in Excel. goes like: If Target.Address = "$K$16" Then NewPic = "C:\Users\witamserdecznie\Desktop\" & Range("$K$16").Value Target.Comment.Shape.Fill.UserPicture NewPic End IfHowever how to show...

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