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  1. S

    Display an image that is referenced by a hyperlink

    How can I display an image that is referenced in a different worksheet? For example, sheet1!A1 contains a link to an image file, just a hyperlink to a local jpg. On sheet2, in some arbitrary cell, say B5, I would like to display the image that is referenced in sheet1!A1, i.e. sheet2!B5 shows...
  2. S

    Convoluted problem involving image references - please help.

    Hi, I've been struggling with this convoluted "problem" for some time. Hope someone can help! It involves references to images, sorting orders, and all sorts. I'll try to be as brief as I can. What I'm trying to do is to have images inserted or referenced in one worksheet displayed on another...
  3. P

    Insert Web / WWW Image Into Cell

    Setup:OS: WinXP with latest service pack XL: 2010 version IE: v8.0.6 Problem: I have a spreadsheet that I need to insert nations' flags into individual cells. I would like to do this using URLs for each nation in cells adjacent to where the flags will be. The URLs are of certain...
  4. selant

    Linking to a JPG image file, from VBA Form

    I have got an Image object on my VBA form, it shows a stretch thumbnail of a JPG image. How can i link it to the full size image, to open in default image viewer in Windows ? ( Kind of linking/running an external file.. c:\documents and settings\admin\desktop\test.jpg )

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