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  1. H

    Concept of Working With Network Server

    Overview: Looking for direction on the capability described below. Need general directions to know if this is feasible and list the topics that I should go study. Objective: Store MS Access database and complex set of Excel macros on a server. This will serve about 30 to 40 individuals. My...
  2. C

    Run-Time 462 Error - My code to pull Microsoft Project data into Excel works, but only once.

    Hi All, I've cobbled some code together from various sources as I'm a tinkerer not a seasoned coder. The code below is not pretty or efficient, I will work on that, but for now... I'd really appreciate your help. My code works...ish It opens a Microsoft Project file (MPP), copies three columns...
  3. R

    incorporating a macro import within another sub

    The following code (blue font) finds specific worksheets in an active workbook, and copies them into a new workbook then names the new workbook the same name of the worksheet. It all works perfectly. The second code below (red font) imports some vb into the new workbook. It works fine if I...
  4. E_DPSG

    Need help with TimeStamped File Import

    Hello all experts - I am trying to figure out the best way to do the following: Import an system generated report (Exported to a directory every hour) into a master table. The file naming structure is as follows: \\MyDir\ReportName1.DDMMYYYY.HHMMSS.xls Where MyDir = the directory structure...
  5. R

    Have exported a module (macro) now need help importing it into another workbook

    This forum is great. Thanks for taking the time to read my question. I am making a copy of a worksheet contained in the host workbook, which creates a new workbook (export workbook). I save the export workbook and have two workbooks open. I activate the host workbook and export a module...

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