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    Copy data from multiple worksheets to one sheet

    hi guys, I am new to VBA and I need help copying data from multiple worksheets to a single sheet in the same workbook. my workbook has 12 worksheets named by their moths. each worksheet has a number of rows that gets updated. please note that some fields of "Importer" are blank. for each...
  2. E

    Moving data between sheets

    Hi- there are 2 sheets: sheet 1 is the Importer and sheet 2 is the Datasheet. I need to bring specific data from the DataSheet to the Importer using variables...not copypaste. I'm using a while loop to place the DataSheet data into the appropriate variables. It loops through the data just...
  3. R

    how to create csv auto importer using excel vba

    Hi all, I have more than 50 folders and test.csv files. I consider the VBA can only need to select the "CSV folders", than the excel can auto import all the relative CSV in the excel file. e.g. Folder name: 2013-05-01 Content: - test1.csv - test2.csv - test3.csv Folder name: 2013-05-02...

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