1. B

    Using either vlookup or IF function

    Hi, I have a query. I have a 2 tables of data, similar to below and basically I need to analyse how many pallets move in and out in a month, the raw data is inputted on the the bottom table but I want to know if there is a way to do a vlookup or IF function to basically add in the total number...
  2. A

    Error in VBA Code

    where am i going wrong? I am getting error 1004 Application-define or object define error. I believe the error is when the "DO While" loop starts. Any help please? It doesn't highlight any code so I could use a hint. The idea is to have a button in an Excel Workbook ("Do Stuff"), which opens...
  3. O

    can you return 2 values for 2 different conditions?

    Im looking to extend this formula, so that if Cell A1 contains either the work Inbound or Outbound then it will return a different value I want inbound to return INB and outbound to return OUB. Currently i can get the inbound to work, but i want to add the 2nd condition. The formula im using...
  4. E

    Change Interior.Color VBA

    Hello to you all! So, I'm working on this new UserForm to add some new entrys of info I need to keep track of the data. Basically it has some textboxes and a couple of comboboxes and I'm struggling to change the cell color of the last field (combobox) in the database. It only has two variables...
  5. S

    network document not opening with macro

    I am trying to open a document with vba. below is the code I have. while no getting a error message, the document no opening. I tried "o:" and \\\root\ Dim Open_Aspect_Sheet_Check_Open As String Dim xWb As Workbook On Error Resume Next Set xWb =...
  6. X

    Return TRUE if a cell contains text OTHER THAN certain substrings

    Hi! :) I'm new to this forum, but I've tried Googling and using other methods to find my answer without any luck. I need to find whether a cell contains the text "Inbound", "Core" or "Outbound" as well as whether it contains AT LEAST ONE other word (each word is separated by a comma). So far...
  7. J

    Add calculated field based on alternating row values

    I have a data table that looks something like this (fake data obviously) that's been pulled from a text file and brought into Excel using the Power Query AddIn for Excel 2013. <tbody> Direction Email Outbound Inbound Outbound...
  8. N

    Dating problems / excel

    :laugh: I’m trying to keep up with the amount of days my warehousestores tires. I already fill out a un-load and store form with a date for theinbound tires. I copy that date to my warehouse sheet as follows: = 'Inbound TU '!$H$1 This puts date in a blank cell on my warehouse sheet. This checks...
  9. B

    Conditional formatting with an IF function

    Hi, I am currently working on a spreadsheet which I need to conditional format for the user. In column 'B' I have either "inbound" or "outbound" and in column 'C' I have Product codes (E.g Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) I am not sure if conditional formatting can do what I need and it may require...
  10. G

    Count a time a call is made

    Good Afternoon I have a spreadsheet with 2 tabs on "Calls Inbound" where the data is stored and "Calls Inbound Overview" where I have an overview. I am trying to count how many times a call is taken between set times and I am having no look. The date ("A") and time ("B") are in "Calls...

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