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    Insert increasing number into adjacent cells with the same value

    Hello everyone, I have a column with values either 0 or 1. Everytime there is one or more 0 below together, I need them to be replaced with increasing values by 1 and do not change the lines with previous 1. Like this: 1 1 /*no change 1 1 /*no change 0 1 /*+1 1 transform...
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    Increase value in a second spreasheet

    Hi, got this code to increase value by one (same position, row and column, of the active cell) in a second spreadsheet ("foglio2")... Sheets("foglio2").Cells(ActiveCell.Row, ActiveCell.Column) = ActiveCell.Value + 1 but it doesn't work cause it only count 1 in the second spreasheet, doesn't...
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    Add an increasing Number to each instance of a String

    I have a project that imports several text files into a spreadsheet, and I am in need of a way to identify the beginning lines of each file. Doing this will allow me to separate the bunch into separate columns later on. So, Each file begins with the word "Sample" and I would like to change...
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    Increase Cell by 1 if another cell changes to a certain value using macros

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub If Target.Address(False, False) = "C2" Then Range("F2").Value = Range("F2").Value + 1 End Sub I am using the follow macros code when I right click my spreadsheet and enter...
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    How to Increase Part of a Cell Value Using a Macro

    Hello, I'm am trying to increase part of the value of a cell using a macro. The formula is very complicated, so it takes a long time to edit manually. Here is what I would like it to do: Input cell value...
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    How to repeat date in column then increase

    HI there! I hope someone can shed light on this what I thought would be simple task. I have some data entry to do and I have 9 entries with the same date then go on to the next day. I am working with excel 2007 and 2010, so I would like it to be compatible with both. Column 2 is repeating...
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    Autofill Macro Help

    I inserted an image which looks like "+" and assigned it the following macro -> Sub IncreaseByOne() Range("B2") = Range("B2").Value + 1 End Sub It increases the value of the "Quantity" by 1 each time it is clicked. Now i want to apply it on the rest of the cells. Autofill doesnt...

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