index data

  1. B

    Index Function

    I have a table that lists names and dates in the rows next to each of them. Names in B3:B105 (range named "Name") and the Dates in C3:L105(range named "Requests") the entire range is B3:L105 (named "DaysOff"). I want to be able to enter a date (in cell N5) and have any name(s) be returned that...
  2. A

    Lookup a value in a list and return multiple corresponding values in a column

    I am looking for a formula to lookup a value in sheet1 Column A and return multiple corresponding values in Column B. I have sheet1 that contains Account Names (A2 - A65736) and Product Codes (B2 - B65736) and Account Manager Names (C2 - C65736). 1. Accounts have more than 1 product code...
  3. J

    Search count of multiple values

    Hi, I need to know how many values in a column match my criteria: Column a:a 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Column b:b S D T S S S D D D T I need a formula that will go through column b and count how many times the following values occured consecutively. S D answer: 2 S D T answer:1 D...
  4. mcraven1971

    Need help with if, index, and concatenate

    Hello all... I have a perplexing dilemna. When my coworkers enter data into the "DATA" sheet it is entered as follows: A4: WELD ID B4: FIRST MEASUREMENT C4: SECOND MEASUREMENT D4: AVERAGE OF FIRST AND SECOND MEASUREMENT There will be upwards of 600 rows of data and 1,100 or more columns. On...
  5. T

    Return a name that goes with data from multiple sheets

    I have a workbook with multiple sheets. The last sheet returns the 10 largest inputs from all the sheets. I cant seem to get the data that belongs to the outcome. I want to have the name that belongs to the largest number in the column left to the number. -- removed inline image ---
  6. A

    Hyperlink Cells to changing sheets name

    Hi there, Once again I am trying to get your help on the below and am feeling lucky again. I have numerous sheets in a workbook with details of multiple projects (1 project = 1 sheet) and one particular sheet 'Summary' in which I need to have summary of latest updates of all the projects...

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