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    Indexing & Double Matching Formula?

    <tbody> Center Jan 2017 Feb 2017 March 2017 April 2017 363 263 532 209 120 5032 120 111 123 678 </tbody> <tbody> Center Date Packages 363 Jan 2017 263 363 Feb 2017 532 363 March 2017 209 363 April 2017 120 5032 Jan 2017 120 </tbody> The top table is how I currently have my...
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    find the last date in the month

    Hi All you Genius I don't know if this is doable but i have an excel spread sheet where in column a i have the list of date and in row b:J i have some tasks is there a way where i can find out the date of the last task with in a particular month? e.g. if the month is October then i would...
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    Transferring Data from Excel into a Database

    I am trying to export data from Excel and import it into a database (resultsplus!). I don't have much experience with databases (or excel) and really need help. I feel like I have set everything up right but every time I try to import the info into the database, this message pops up: "An update...
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    Display the value in a given row of the active column

    I have built a distribution database that is basically an order entry sheet and a packing list with a lot of unique features for my business. What I'd like to do to is to be able to click a report button to generate my packing list instead of re-entering data. To achieve this, I need to be able...

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