indexing row

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    Help with something more effcient (CPU usage high)

    I have this performing the tasks needed, however when ever data is changed or the file is saved, Excel takes 30-60 seconds to complete the task. I'm sure there is a more effcient way of performing the same task, but I'm at a loss. I've linked to an example with 50 rows of fake data to...
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    Index Match along with SMALL and COUNTIF

    Hello Guys, I got a three formulae that return results from another worksheet. One of these is working alright - the one that returns the dates. But the two other are not working. I am posting a portion here. Any help is appreciated and THANKS in advance. Excel WorkbookABCD1LAST NAMEFIRST NAMEDC...
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    Transferring Data from Excel into a Database

    I am trying to export data from Excel and import it into a database (resultsplus!). I don't have much experience with databases (or excel) and really need help. I feel like I have set everything up right but every time I try to import the info into the database, this message pops up: "An update...
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    Help Needed with big spreadsheet

    I am new to VBA I am designing a spreadsheet that is used in sports It has a list of players names down a columns with the different skills going across in rows divided in to halves Attack and Defence It has 16 players and 10 skills in Attacks section and 16 Players and 11 Skills In the...

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