1. M

    Looking for other ways to "mark" emails in Outlook 2019 in IMAP mode

    Sorry if I'm not quite using the correct terms here, I'm an Excel VBA person, not so much an Outlook person. I know there is "Unread" which allows for marking something as read or unread and there is "Follow-Up" which flags an email, both of which can sync across multiple devices in IMAP mode...
  2. Y

    Formula to populate either "Up" or "Down" based on location of entry in Column A

    I have three columns. Only one cell in column A will have a value, which will be "Active". Column B is locations. In column C I'm trying to get anything that at or below the "Active" indicator to populate as "Down" and anything above the "Active" marker to populate as "Up". <tbody> Minn Up...
  3. D

    Speed difference in formula calculation if I use a static "indicator" column for my IF statement criteria (see pic)?

    I created a super-simplified pic of my Q below, but TLDR: I often want dozens of formula columns to calculate ONLY if a certain (sometimes-complex) criteria is met, so I use a standard =IF(criteria , if_true , if_false) syntax. Now because that criteria can often be complex, in order to keep my...
  4. S

    Search Rows For Indicator, Return Certain Values

    Hi, The Data I have covers 100 Rows and 266 Columns. The first 133 columns are going to simply contain either an “N” or a “Y” indicator. Ineed a Macro that I can attach to a button that when pressed, will go through the rows and search for the “N” indicators. If it finds an “N” indicator, I...
  5. D

    Making Comment Indicator Transparent

    Hi all Question relating to Comments using Excel 2010. I have a sheet that contains a huge amount of comments making the sheet itself very difficult to read. Is there anyway of making the comment indicator transparent? Or This there anyway of not displaying the comment indicator but the...
  6. P

    Progress Indicator

    Hi all, i need a progress indicator so that to appears on screen the percentage till end of any code which i run. Note that i cannot create the "User Form" and so if is possible to create it too. Thanks in advance
  7. H

    Active Cell Indicator Disappearing

    Hello! I've had an issue plaguing me for a while now; Most of the time, when I open my workbook, the highlighted border around my active cell disappears. I suspect that it is caused by my workbook_open() code, but any time I try to debug it, the issue goes away. Whenever I open the...
  8. E

    Chart Help!

    I was wondering if someone could help me! I want to create a simple chart which will show a range (1 to 5) and then where four different values fall on this range. To complicate things slightly I want to put two boxes at either end of the range in which will be a descriptor of what 1 looks like...
  9. P

    Progress Indicator

    Hi all, i prepared a VBA command by which i issue management accounts and it takes around 20-30 seconds when i run it. I would like to add a progress indicator in percentage into the above command, so that when i run it to appear this information on screen, e.g. Management Accounts in...
  10. T

    Ranking results using two values and specific criterea

    I have a list of two different results that i have to Rank regionally and nationally Where Column F (Region) is the region indicator and Column J (TSRs) is the first result and Column K (ACV) is the second result. For Column J's (TSRs) ranking I will have a great deal of ties. I would like...
  11. O

    Dynamic offset etc

    I have 2 sets of data, for 2 indicators, over time. Format shown below (of course, the data sets are much bigger) Data set 1 (indicator A) <tbody> City 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Airdrie 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Brooks 9 8 7 8 4 2 1 2 5 Calgary 4 7 4 3 4 8 7 6 1 Duncan 7 5 6...
  12. S

    Progress bar with no loop ?

    Hi All, Does progress bars with Excel VBA works only if there is a Loop? Is it possible to have progress bar while more than one macros running, without looping at all? Thank you in advance.
  13. D

    Form Type Progress Indicator Requested.

    Form type progress indicator requested. Could anyone code a progress indicator into the following (I'm having a heck of a time trying to decipher VB): Sub addComments() ' first we'll clear existing comments For Each cmnt In ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Cells cmnt.ClearComments...
  14. J

    Updating Row Based on Value In Column

    Hello All, We use an old web-based tool at my office that can't export Excel reports. So I'm devising a way to copy an entire page, straight from the browser, and clean it up so that the data can quickly be utilized for other purposes. The data that I'm using is financial information broken...
  15. B

    Move Comment Indicators to top left of cell

    My goal is to have my comment indicators on the top left of the cell like an error indicator and when you hover the comment appears on the left too instead of everything on the right. The reason for this is that I have a floating userform on the right and the comment always appears under it on...
  16. M

    Progress Indicator - Simple!!

    Afternoon all, I've managed to come up with a very very simple progress indicator, it's that basic I have simply entered values throughout the code for the %'age of progress which gets called into the "updateprogress" procedure. Anyway, the way I've got it set up is as follows: User...

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