1. H

    Indirect function

    I have a workbook with over 20 worksheets, plus a summary sheet. The summary sheet needs to grab results from each of the worksheets and the results are in the exact same cell on each worksheet. I am using the INDIRECT function to do this. The INDIRECT function works for the first cell, but...
  2. A

    Alternative to "=indirect" to correct ext data table column change behaviour

    Hi, For reasons better known to Microsoft, references to a specific table column name change when my table order changes because of a change in the underlying external data fields. This doesn't happen in SQL, and I don't like it! I am loathed to embed a sequence of =indirect statements into...
  3. R

    Conditional formatting entire row based on a "between" date condition.

    I am trying to build a roster to track when Soldiers are about to get out of the Army. There are three windows; 30 days until ETS, 60 days until ETS, and 90 days. In column D I have the date that they will get out of the Army and I wish to format the entire row a specific color based on the...

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