infinite loop

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    Infinite Loop Correction

    Hello, I have been trying a lot of different methods to achieve the desired result however close but no cigar. The code below does what I need but I have an infinite loop which results in a run-time error. Sub DeleteBlankTesting() ' This code deletes empty rows if GRNSTATE is empty. Error to end...
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    VBA Worksheet Tab Rename Macro Causing Excel Infinite Loop

    Howdy, So, I found the following code posted here by member VOG, in the following thread: Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() On Error...
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    Please could someone help me stop my loop

    Hi I have been trying to write a loop macro that will delete various rows in my spreadsheet. It is deleting the right rows but i can't get it to stop. I have tried including a counter, sticking a safeword at the bottom of column A and stopping at the first empty cell in column A, but it keeps...
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    Creating a Stop for Worksheet Calculate Event

    Hi there! I'm a fairly new VBA user and am attempting use the Worksheet Calculate Event to fire an Advanced Filter macro that I have. My trouble is that once the worksheet calculates, the macro runs which then causes the worksheet to calculate again creating an infinite loop. Here's what I...
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    infinite print loop help

    I have a range of data A2:E16 in which each row needs to be copied and pasted into another worksheet cell by cell. After this the worksheet needs to be printed, this needs to repeat for each row in the range. I recorded a macro for the action I want repeated, when I tried a For loop I entered...

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