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    SharePoint Export from Infopath to Excel - How to Split Multiple Lines of Data into Separate Rows?

    I am desperately hoping someone can help me, as I've repeatedly run into a wall for about two weeks now trying to solve this problem and I've finally admitted to myself that a solution is beyond my scope of knowledge. I should note I'm working in Excel 2010. I have an InfoPath form that submits...
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    Use Excel to Generate InfoPath Surveys

    Hello, I can’t seem to find any threads/materials online to help with the following Excel VBA automation problem and I am looking for some help/direction – I am currently developing a corrective action tracker in Excel that generates a new Microsoft InfoPath survey for each corrective action...
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    Are there any eager, helpful SharePoint/InfoPath mavens out there? Failing that does anyone know a good, smart, active user group that could help me with these questions? I have a couple of questions about using InfoPath 2010 to populate a SharePoint 2007 form library: 1. When editing...

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