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    VBA Excel Userform Listbox Initial Selection Based on Cell Value With Color

    I have a Userform with several items including a Listbox entitled LBNewCase. The ListBox is populated (RowSource) through a range of cells. There is a cell that indicates the previous choice from this list.This cell (LastCaseMatch) uses the match function to find the position of the previous...
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    Hey guys, I'm creating a user form with some buttons, currently i have: Initialize label with name: Sub UserForm_Initialize(populatingArray() As Variant, positionOfOverWrite As Integer) Dim UserForm As Variant UserForm.Caption = "Data found!" Call UserFormCaption(populatingArray()...
  3. A

    Label text blinking on a userform

    Good Day, I have a label on my userform which captioned with cell value. How do we do blinking that value when its initialize? Thanks
  4. B

    User Form Initialize Error

    Hello, I have an Excel workbook with two different user forms. I want to use an Initialize event to populate some combo boxes. On the first user form, everything works great. When I try to use the second one, I get "Run-Time Error 424 Object Required". The debugger highlights the line in the...
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    Is there a flag that indicates a userform is being initialized?

    When my userform initializes i fill several comboboxes, list boxes, etc. which triggers a _Change event for these objects invoking their _Change routines. Is there a flag that indicates the userform is being initialized? If so, it could be used to skip the _Change event routines while...
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    Repeated VBA ComboBox Values

    Hi, I'm having a little trouble initializing my combobox in excel VBA. Not sure why there are duplicate values for every combobox. Each box displays the items I have added multiple times (ex. MC says 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5). Also, my dates column, E, has several of the same date. Thus...
  7. T

    Textbox not initializing in userform

    Hi all, I'm trying to make an excel sheet that will fill in labels to a 96 well plate in order to sort and calculate the data. The problem is when i set up the textbox in the user form i want it to pull data on the plate format from cells that have already been filled in using another userform i...
  8. R

    Is it possible to set all variables to zero at once?

    Hi! I thought for sure someone would have asked about this already, but I didn't have any luck searching the message board. I'd like to know if it's possible to simultaneously set all of my variables (or at least, my integer variables) to zero with a single line of code. Right now I'm...
  9. S

    Initializing a global variable

    I would like to set a variable (let's call it var) as having an initial value of 0. I would like this to be set outside of a function so that when I run a function, var does not have its value always reset to 0. For example, here is something similar to what I'd like: Dim var As Integer var = 0...
  10. S

    Adding controls to a userform dynamically

    I'm having a real issue trying to hunt down a method by which i can add controls to a userform using code. I'm trying to build multipul combo boxes, the number of which and values within being dependent on the content of a sheet. The very basics of adding a combo box on initilisation of a...
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    Error 91 Object Not Set: Can I initialise variables via code? [Excel 03]

    I'm attempting to write some code that creates a toolbar with some buttons on it that carries out some simple instructions; this is just a test before I try and incorporate it into the real spreadsheet. The first sub creates the toolbar and its commandbarbuttons and their properties. The second...
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    VBA UserForm question - loading form

    I have written a simple macro to allow me to GoalSeek over a range instead of a single cell (requiring that the values all be goalseeked to zero variance). It's been a long time since I have worked with forms, however, and there is a lot I don't recall. At this point, I have the main macro...
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    UserForm_Initialize Event Multiple Worksheets

    Excel 2007 Combo Box data find problem: I have built a userform with two combo boxes. Both are pointing to tables, but the tables are on different worksheets. On my initialization event how do I set the worksheet for the second table? Is there a way to write the code and not have to specify...
  14. E

    Initialising array directly from range name

    I have some VBA that requires an array to be initialised. It is a simple 8-element string array, which is working fine when populated in the code as follows: ArrayIn = Array("A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F", "G", "H") I would like to have this populated from a named range, thereby allowing the user...
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    Control Toolbox: Combo Box

    In my excell worksheet i am using a combo box, and the list in the combo box has been defined in the following code: Private Sub ComboBox_AnalysisMode_Change() ComboBox_AnalysisMode.List = Array("Nominal", "Best Case", "Worst Case") End Sub When i start up excel the default item in the combo...

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