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    change data validation after alloweditranges password was entered

    We have a spreadsheet which has ranges that are password protected (i.e. using AllowEditRanges with a password). This is not because we don't want users to be allowed to ever change those cells, but rather it is to prevent them from changing them accidentally. Users are provided with the...
  2. E

    Hide Column

    Kindly I need your help in this: I work in a glass industry. I have 12 processes in the plant (Cutting, Edging, Drilling...) These processes are put in Cells B16 --> B27 I did an excel file for my planning. Each order is a column in Excel (column C till Column ZZ) And for each order there's an...
  3. S

    Showing input message on Locked/protected cells

    Is there any way where you can show the input message that has been placed on a cell that is locked/protected? Basically I want the message for the cell to show up but dont want the user to be able to change it. thanks in advance
  4. P

    VBA Data Validation - Input Message

    Hi All, I'm working with a table where I've set an Input Message box to appear in each cell of a table. Now my question is, can I by VBA designate the Input Message box to a specific area on the spread sheet? I think the Input Message box is important, but am finding it annoying at times in...
  5. C

    Data Validation Input Message change

    Hi all, I have a worksheet that has about a dozen validation input messages on..... I have this code for the message i want to include Sub Add_Cell_Input_Message_Cell() With Range("HREndCurrentProjectStage_ForecastDate").Validation .Add Type:=xlValidateInputOnly .InputTitle = "Date Entry"...
  6. U

    Is there a way to position the Data Validation, Input Message?

    I have Data Validation set on cell A3 but every time the cell is selected the message is just below it and half off the left side of the screen. The Title says, "PROJECT NUMBER" and all you can see is, "CT NUMBER" unless the user moves the message. Is there a way to move the message to the right?
  7. J

    Data Validation Input Message: Possible to be Dynamic?

    Cell A1 uses data validation to restrict range to be within values of cells B1 and C1. Values in B1 and C1 are set from day to day and need no validation. The A1 data validation includes an input message. Is it possible to include in the text of the input message the min/max allowable values...
  8. D

    Data Validation Message box :: want to relocate

    Prev : 2003 Now : 2010 ... I use the Data Validation Message box that pops up when you sit on a cell, to deliver data entry user instructions ... But often the popup box would cover / overlay other nearby data, making point-and-click navigation to those covered cells difficult, at best. When...
  9. K

    Conditional Data Val Input Message

    I'm trying to find a way to have the Input Message (from the Data Validation tool) of cell A2 display a message depending on the content of the A1. A1, also data validated, has five possible values and I want that to trigger five different input messages for A2. The purpose is to guide users...
  10. B

    Data Validation Input Message Viewing and Printing

    Hi all, I have a spreadsheet that has Data Validation Input Messages for when cells are selected. I am after a way to view all of these at once and print them, I thought this would be achieved the same way that comments are viewed and printed, however can not find how to do it. Thanks in advance

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