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  1. E

    Run Multiple VBA codes on the same sheet

    I've researched how to run more than one VBA code in the same sheet and I'm extremely confused as to how to do so. I don't necessarily want to combine two or three tasks, where as I am more interested in pasting one code command, and then just paste another below it. Is there a way to do so...
  2. K

    Inserting a sub into a new page using VB/Macros

    Hello, I wrote a code that creates new pages based on a template. I found that I need to add three Subs() to every page that is created using this code. I have never done this before and after seraching for an answer, came out empty handed. I am looking for a way to create a page and add code...
  3. T

    add code to workbook by macro

    i need to add a code to the workbook at the end of a macro then when the user runs the next macro it removes it this is so the workbook cannot be closed and half finish the order number system i have. i have a cancell button that reverses actions done by the first macro and this will have to...
  4. craig.penny

    Inserting code in a userform at runtime, while the form is created at design time

    Hi all, I managed to get everything working for a run-time created userform but because it's giving me debugging headaches I want to make the form itself at design time but still have everything else added at runtime. Everything was easy to change except inserting code into the form's code...

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