1. wsnyder

    Estimate Work Orders Per Year

    Hi, Using O365. I have: Install Date of new equipment over various dates (fairly recent) Repair records for the equipment since the install date Some equipment is no new, no repairs as of yet. How can I use the data to estimate a number of repairs/equipment/year? Thanks, -Lou
  2. mikecox39

    VBA help files no longer supported????

    Some time ago I subscribed to Office 365. I installed it without giving any thought to the VBA help files. Yesterday I realized that the VBA help files were not available so, following the instructions in Bill Jelen's book, I uninstalled Office, in order to re-installed it, expecting to see a...
  3. N

    vba and MySql

    Hello, is it possible to query (select) a mySql database (WordPress) with VBA ? and if so, how ? do I need to install some driver or somthing else ? Thanks !
  4. C

    Solving for Two Unknowns in Excel (Formula Question)

    Greetings Again, I created a table to show the time it would take to complete a task based on the number of installers I have shown; however, the logic is based on 1 installer. So if I send out 2 installers it still will calculate based on 1 installer. 1 installer - 1 hour install time...
  5. T

    Apdating AddIns From the Network

    I have a small Add-In that I created on my local PC. It is saved on our network shared drive and I need to get it on the rest of our computers (a dozen or so). Is there a way to easily install it to each one without having to manually copy the file into the AddIns folder. If I browse to it when...
  6. W

    Struggling to organise my data for work

    <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:7753;width:159pt" width="212"> <col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:2816;width:58pt" width="77"> <col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:2377;width:49pt" width="65"> <col...
  7. W

    Dynamic Titles Issues

    I am trying to create a Dynamic Title and coming up with errors. My field has 2 different values Conversion Install Here is my DAX Formula: Title Combined = if( ISFILTERED('Current'[Install Type]), "Selected Type is " & CONCATENATEX('Current','Current'[Install Type],", "), "Nothing Has...
  8. S

    Looking at second Index Match if first is blank

    Hello All, Been looking all over for this answer but am yet to still figure it out. Since index match only looks at the first match, and if it is blank it will return a 0, how do I get excel to look at the second match which may contain information? Here is the data I am working with and the...
  9. D

    Help with conditional TEXTJOIN for distinct values

    Hi all, I recently posted a problem and Marcelo Branco gave me the perfect solution. Now I have a related issue and unfortunately, I can't seem to take that solution and tweak it for my new issue. In the table below, there are bid numbers which always start at 1. A job will always have 1 bid...
  10. D

    Who's up for a challenge? Extract the pivot table text in the proper way

    Here's the situation. I have a pivot table the presents all the information I need. Now I need to extract the information in a particular way to "concatenate" on to one line based on a condition with a particular format. An example of the table is below. <tbody> Site Activity Component OMG...
  11. D

    Help me I've lost days trying to extract and concatenate unique values

    In the table below is for a job tracking project. Job No, defines the job. Site, where the job happened. Act, the activity that took place. Comp, the component involved in the activity. Finally, costc, which are the cost centers for the implementation of the act+comp. What I'm trying to...
  12. W

    Is MSCOMCTL.OCX installed with MS Office 2016/365?

    I need to use some Windows common controls like ListView in VBA UserForms in Excel. Does anybody know, is MSCOMCTL.OCX implementing the ActiveX interface to those common controls included into the installation of Microsoft Office 2016? And is the situation different in Office 365?
  13. H

    Open Excel Workbook from Word and kill Word VBA process

    Hi! I have an interesting nut to crack. I am making a Word install program for Excel. The install program executes from Word, checks if the updated font-file is installed (normal.dotm) and opens Excel (Workbooks.Open) if the lastest font-file is not installed. On the install program in Excel...
  14. B

    Enable/Disable Excel Add-Ins using VBA

    Hello MrExcel forum members, I am trying to enable and disable Excel's Add-Ins using VBA. I originally had code that searched through the Excel file and grabbed the names of the Add-Ins from cells in the spreadsheet and uninstalled them. That wasn't working, so I tried using a simpler method...
  15. A

    Problem using AddIns.Installed

    Hi I am in the process of developing a custom tab for the Excel ribbon (2007 and 2010) as an add-in (using Custom UI Editor). However, as I am sure most of you are aware, debugging an Excel add-in can be a real pain because of the process you must go to to remove the add-in and then re-add the...
  16. 0

    PowerPivot and Office 2010 version problems?

    I was running PowerPivot on a laptop with Office 2010 beta for a while, then power pivot "expired" A fresh download gives various technical messages that I have seen in other blogs. I guess the later release of pp does not work with office beta. At work IT upgraded my machine - still office...

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