1. J

    DatePicker will not load on machine

    I'm writing a macro with a date picker but it won't load on the machine that I'm testing it on. I'm using 2007 on both machines. On the test machine, I noticed there is only the Office12 folder in the installation folder. On the machine I'm working on, there are several folders. I downloaded the...
  2. Z

    Getting Info from Today's Date

    Hello All, This is my first post, so first of all, I apologize if I am doing something wrong. I need help with a formula that will fetch data from a cell or number of cells in a column by matching today's date with another column of dates. <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody>...
  3. H

    [Installation Help] PowerPivot Installation error

    I'm trying to get powerpivot installed on my system, but the installations goes all the way to the end before popping: I'm installing this on Win7 64bit with Office 2010 64-bit using 64-bit installation file from MS. Any help as I've re-installed VC Redist files as well as .Net Framework and...
  4. P

    Power Query won't update

    Hi all, I'm trying to update to the latest version of Power Query which I downloaded from MS. I have Excel 2013, 32 bit and get this installation error - "The older version of Microsoft Power Query for Excel cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group." It seems the installer...
  5. H

    Installation problem: "Can't find project or library"

    I am checking out a project developed in Excel 2010 for use in Excel 2007 on a client's computer. To try to avoid referring to any of my own macros in Personal.xlsb or a UDF.library, I have installed Excel 2007 in the Virtual XP machine running under Windows 7. I have with difficulty got the...
  6. P

    How to Create installer for the excel add in and UDF created in c#?

    Hi Everyone,I have created the excel project with Ribbon & UDF in c#. It works perfect when I build the solution or debug from VS 2010. Now I need to create a installer for this project. I have created a installer using setup wizard in VS 2010. When I open Excel, the ribbon loaded successfully...
  7. Cant install VBA

    It say's Microsoft Excel can't access the file, and that it could be for various reasons: . The file or path don't exist (they do). . Another program is using the file. (?) . The workbook you are trying to open has the same name that other opened workbook (no). Another thing is that MsAccess...
  8. B

    Getting installation error

    I am installing PowerPivot. I am installing into the 32 bit version of Excel and running Windows 7. Here is the installation error I am getting. An error occurred during in the installation of assembly Micorsoft VC80 CRT = "8.0 50727.6229 Publickkey Token = 1fc83b9a1e18e3b, processor...

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