1. D

    Filtering out data into another worksheet

    Morning, I have a workbook with multiple sheets. Sheet one is a list of instructions downloaded from an website. The instructions are from clients. each row represents an instruction and the orders are not all together for each client so row 2 could be an order from client A row two could be...
  2. A

    Combo Box Dropdown

    In the combo Change event I goto my code to do stuff... and the combo box dropdown does not retract. Is there an instruction to make it do that ?
  3. Nelson78

    Automatic file opening: a mystery

    Hello everybody. In the last few days something strange is happening on my pc: when I arrive at work, I detect the presence of an alert popup telling something like it is impossible to find the file xxxyyy under the directory zzz, as something is trying to open it (tomorrow I will provide a...
  4. W

    Check for enables macros

    I ran into a problem where some users do not have their macros enabled. I found several old posts about hiding pages and keeping one visible with a warning / instruction on how to enable macros. But I could not get any of them to work on office 365. Does anyone have a solution where I can...
  5. F

    IF query

    =IF(G2="","Not Applicable",...) Formula is in cell H2. Where the 3 dots (...) are I need to replace this FALSE value with an instruction to move to cell I2??
  6. D

    Aesthetic Workbook Design

    Hello everyone, I had a question that I hope I'm not alone in having. I am a federal contractor, specifically I work as a Quality Control Manager for a large security contracting firm. The nature of the industry is pretty conservative, even though I don't work directly for the government, most...
  7. P

    Volunteering to Teach High School Students Advanced Excel and VBA -- Seeking Input!

    Hello Advanced Excel and VBA community, Separate from the typical questions seeking help on this form, I am seeking input. I'm starting up a volunteer program (3 trial sessions) to teach Advanced Excel and VBA. These session will be around 90 minutes and with private high school students apt to...
  8. M

    Excel instructor seeking good DEMO data sources

    Greetings all - For some Excel courses I teach at the beginning and intermediate levels... I am hoping to get some files with LARGE amounts of data to incorporate as teaching examples. Textbook data sets are usually woefully inadequate for instructing pivot table and database features in...

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