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    VBA If/Then/Else formatting problem

    Hello! I am pretty new to VBA, and I am not sure why my code is not working. I wanted to create a subroutine that changed the interior color of a range of cells to light red if the date in the cell is more than 90 older than TODAY() (to show which events are past-due), unless the cell is...
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    Unlock Cells Based On Interior Color

    Hi There, I have an excel sheet that currently locks all cells except for the ones that allow user entered/selected data (drop down list). I have it set up that if previous cell is blank interior color of that cell is black, if previous cell is not blank then interior color is white. What I am...
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    Sub that takes the value of a function

    Hi. In excel 2007. My function takes its arguments from cells on the same row that it is inserted. I just copy it down. The problem is I need to change the Interior of this cell (the one containing the function) according to values that while taken from operations between the arguments are not...
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    Use cell fill (interior color index) as criteria in sumif or count if

    Hello, Is it possible to create a criteria based formula in excel 2003 that uses cel formatting as a criteria? (without the use of VBA) For example, i have a list of values which all have different cell fill colors. 1 (green cell fill) 3 (yellow cell fill) 5 (blue cell fill) 9 (green cell...

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