1. B

    Changing multiple variations of names into one name

    Hello all, I've heard this is a very helpful group of individuals and hopefully you can help me solve my issue. Also, sorry if this is answered somewhere, I have hard time searching this situation. I currently run a report each day containing training data for multiple companies. The issue...
  2. S

    Networkdays International VBA code to deduct Public Holidays

    I seem to be lost on how to include public holidays in Network Days International VBA function? The below code works fine if no public holidays are involved but if I have some public holidays in a month how do I correct the below code? Cells(a, 85).Value2 =...
  3. T

    COUNTIFS Across multple columns and multiple items per column

    Hello! I am having some trouble that I am hoping to get some assistance. =COUNTIFS(H11:H1000,Q4,I11:I1000,W3) I need to calculate that if UK(Q4) appears in column H and then also count if 9 different options appear in column I. Currently my formula is only for 1 of these options (W3) as I...
  4. A

    International Character (Accentuated) In A Macros

    Guys, I'm having a bit of an issue. In one of my Macros some of the text is international. Namely, there's one Croatian letter within a formula: "U realizaciji (isplaćeno)" And it always translated into: U realizaciji (isplaceno) So from a character with accent, to a normal/ordinary c letter...
  5. L

    Good practices for internationalization?

    Hi everyone I am working on an excel tool which will support German and French users. I want to avoid having to set up all the sheets in two language versions, so I'm looking for good practices to switch languages by other means. For example, I could imagine having a sheet with all static cell...
  6. J

    Reading foreign text in VBA

    Hi, I have foreign (non-English) characters in a cell which I was reading using Sheets("data").Cells(1,1).Formula However this returned nothing but questions marks instead of the text:e.g. ζχψωβνιθςεβφ[ςε turns into "????ί????eίf[?e" After research I discovered I needed to set the regional...

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