1. B

    VBA automation error: -2125463506 (8150002e)

    Hey guys! I have a problem with my VBA code to login a website. Sometimes it works perfectly, but other times i get automation error: 2125463506 (8150002e). My OS is Windows 10. In windows 7 i didnt get this error. Can anyone have a look an tell me how I must have the macro? Any help is...
  2. S

    Compile Error: Can't find project or library

    Hi guys, I m new to VBA but have some basic of C programming n JavaScript. I encounter the above error. Below are the coding which I had written. Please assist. Thanks. Sub Address() Dim IE As InternetExplorer 'start a new browser instance Set IE = New InternetExplorer...
  3. E

    VBA auto login with Chrome

    I found and modified a code that will let me automatically log into the site I want but I can't figure out how to change from IE to Chrome. please help Sub wisdomone() Dim HTMLDoc As HTMLDocument Dim MyBrowser As InternetExplorer Dim Myhtml_Element As IHTMLElement Dim MyURL As String On Error...
  4. R

    Enter data into webpage

    Hi, I am getting "Automation Error, The object has disconnected from clients" error while i am trying to enter the data in webpage. Here is the code, Sub GetIE() Dim objIE As InternetExplorer Dim OrgBox As HTMLInputElement Set objIE = New InternetExplorer objIE.Visible = True...
  5. N

    How to navigate number of urls from the list with delay of 1 minute

    Hi, Could anyone please help me in this task i am working on. I am looking to navigate url from the list one by one with certain delay of time let's say 1 minute. I tried this code below it opened url but not the way I would like it to be. Dim HTMLDoc As HTMLDocumentDim MyBrowser As...
  6. J

    VBA - Code Error 91

    I am getting error code 91 on the line ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A1").Value = holdingsClass(0).textContent Any reason please? Thanks. Sub Pull_Data() Dim IE As InternetExplorer Dim html As HTMLDocument Set IE = New InternetExplorer IE.Visible = False IE.navigate...
  7. S

    Error 438 Doesn't support property or method, code was working, now it's not

    So I had this code working, everything except the 2nd ie tab that's loaded up won't close. So I fiddled around with it some more and I broke it I guess. I don't think I changed anything that would have to do with the line of code that's throwing an error but I may just be missing it. Full code...
  8. A

    Object Variable or With Block Variable Not Set

    Hello! This has been stumping me for about a week now. I'm attempting to create a spreadsheet that can pull the table data from HP's Network Node Manager automatically based off the MAC address populated in the field. The script is now able to load the correct page but I'm getting the above...
  9. T

    Click link in a cell in InternetExplorer

    I am trying to loop thru all links on all pages of a website to find pages that have links to PDF files. Do you have a code sample for that? If not I think I can figure out that myself. Now to my real problem; Some links are in a cell in a table on the webpage, like this: <td...
  10. T

    InternetExplorer Object from Hwnd...

    Hi All, I'm aware a number of people have asked this around the internet, and that the accepted solution in general uses the SHDocVw.ShellWindows collection. However, this doesn't work properly for me ("Out of memory error" when constructing the class, probably I'm working on a VM which doesn't...
  11. L

    getting links from InternetExplorer.Application

    Hi, I have a have been using VBA for under a year, never posted anything, but I am having a lot of trouble with my function being non-deterministic. I need to check web pages, look through their links (put them into an array), and check if another webpage is one of those links. Here is the...
  12. somnath_it2006

    Extract data from webpage using IE

    Hi All, From last few days I was working on website crawlers (Sorry I don't know the exact word). By using some references I used IE control for extract data from website as per form submitting and etc.. And this is working very effectively in Data Extraction. Here I am just sharing that...

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